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Everett Lysle Boyer & Forrest Leroy Snakenberg

Everett Lysle Boyer (October 7, 1927 - August 31, 1998) & Forrest Leroy Snakenberg (March 17, 1932 - January 13, 1986) are buried together in Plot: Range 61 site 250 and 251 at the Congressional Cemetery, Washington, District of Columbia, not far from many other notable gay burials, like
- Leonard Matlovich: the gay activist who has the famous memorial reading "When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one")
- Butch Zeigler: onetime elementary school teacher, and co-owner of Capitol Prompting Service whose clients include both Heads of State and major corporations
- Frank Kameny: was a WWII veteran and the father of the modern gay rights movement
- William Boyce Mueller: the gay grandson of the founder of the Boy Scouts of America
- Frank Warren O'Reilly: a WWII veteran with a Ph.D. in International Relations, and a music critic for The Washington Times and founder of Miami’s Charles Ives Centennial Festival and the American Chopin Foundation which sponsors an annual national Chopin piano competition
- Tom Swann: a gay Marine Corps veteran and longtime activist for gay equality
- Larry Worrell & James Duell
- Dan Hering: a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and served 20 years in the US Army
- Barbara Gittings: Barbara and her wife Kay were together for 46 years during which they were major figures in the gay rights movement. Both were close allies of Frank Kameny with whom Barbara helped convince the American Psychiatric Association to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness, and fought dismissals of gay civilian employees by the Department of Defense and other federal government agencies
- John Frey & Peter Morris: Together 43 years, they met while Catholic University students at DC’s then most popular gay male establishment, the piano bar/restaurant the Chicken Hut on H Street near Lafayette Park where biweekly, Sunday afternoon gay dances were later sponsored by the Mattachine Society of Washington in 1961 and 1962
- Kenneth Dresser & Charles Fowler: The “artistry [that] enchanted millions” referred to on Dresser’s side of the shared stone was the Electric Light Parade at Disneyland, the Electric Water Pageant at Epcot,, and the Fantasy of Lights at Callaway Gardens, Georgia — all designed by Dresser. Charles Fowler was an arts educator and writer, director of National Cultural Resources, Inc., and a guest professor at several American universities
- Peter Doyle: a veteran of the Confederate Army, is thought by historians to have been the greatest love of gay American poet Walt Whitman

Everett Lysle Boyer's tombstone reads: Arise up my love, Tis the time of singing birds (Song of Solomon 2:12), Forrest Leroy Snakenberg's, same style of that of Everett, reads: So be truely glad there is wonderful joy ahead (Peter 1:6)

Source: www.leonardmatlovich.com/images/HCC_Gay_Graves_Map_DRAFT-B.pdf

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