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Barry Darr Dixon, Michael William Schmidt & Will Thomas

Michael William Schmidt of Elway Hall Warrenton VA died at his home on Friday December 17, 2010. Born in Cambridge, MA on May 16, 1965 to William G. and Ruth (Ritcher) Schmidt, Michael received a BA from University of Maryland and a MBA from John Hopkins and was a partner with Barry Dixon, Inc. (P: The 2013 Designer Series featuring Barry Darr Dixon)

A lover of animals and nature, Michael was a longtime supporter of the Fauquier SPCA and Middleburg Humane Foundation, as well as an active member of the Warrenton Hunt. His other favorite charities included the Fauquier Free Clinic and Charity Works of McLean, VA.

He is survived by his life partner Barry Darr Dixon who still preserve a 1957 Chevy Nomad that was a gift from his late partner. "Whenever I get a case of 'designer's block,' " says interior designer Barry Dixon, "I can coax Ellie, my wire-haired fox terrier, into a walk over hill and vale to the barn. By the time I'm back at my desk with a handful of thistle or a fruit-laden bow, the creative juices are flowing freely."

Dixon, known for his style of sophisticated Southern design with global influences, has lived since 1999 on 270 rolling acres in the horse country near Warrenton, Virginia. On the grounds of his 1907 Edwardian home, Elway Hall, three magnificent copper beeches that provide shade for picnics stand sentinel. Perhaps surprising to those who may have met the designer in more urbane settings, here he raises goats, llamas, and hens, keeps horses and bees, and tends an orchard as well as vegetable and flower gardens.

Barry Darr Dixon & Will Thomas
Interior designer Barry Dixon is known for his style of sophisticated Southern design with global influences. He lives since 1999 on 270 rolling acres in the horse country near Warrenton, Virginia, in a 1907 Edwardian home, Elway Hall. His late partner was Michael William Schmidt, whose joy in nature and animals was infectious, laid out the vegetable and cutting gardens. "He, more than any other, influenced me to look to nature for inspiration," Barry says. His current partner is Will Thomas, co-anchor of FOX 5 News.

Matthew Benson. Barry Darr Dixon

It's those who have been most dear to him that he credits with fostering his appreciation-his late partner Michael Schmidt, whose joy in nature and animals was infectious, laid out the vegetable and cutting gardens. "He, more than any other, influenced me to look to nature for inspiration," Barry says. The gardens also feature heirloom plants that remind Barry of his late grandmother, Nettie Darr. "She had two green thumbs," he reminisces. (His striking fabric for Vervain, "Cacao Vine," is taken from the design of a beautiful 19th- century cocoa tin that belonged to her.)

Because his stone-and-wood home has the strong, bold lines of an English gentleman's hunting retreat, says Barry, he didn't "poodle it up" with fussy landscaping. Veggies grow near the barn, and his half-acre cutting garden with 50 varieties of flowers sits well away from the house, providing luscious color in every season with foxglove, delphinium, hollyhocks, lilies, daffodils, and gorgeous dahlias with blooms the size of dinner plates. "So I can cut away without affecting the landscaping around the house," Barry says.

Once when he was on his knees cutting a dahlia, a peridot hummingbird with a ruby throat "worked a big flower like a miniature fan in front of my face," Barry says. "It was so magical. Peridot and ruby became the color scheme for a project I was working on."

He positioned his pool, the scene of summer fetes, to blend with the landscape. "Its design was inspired by one my parents kept in South Africa in the seventies, which had a similar pool with a low stone wall surrounding it," says Barry, whose globe-trotting childhood also influences his design.

Autumn is a glorious time at Barry's home, celebrated with an exuberant Halloween bash for kids of all ages in and around the barn. "Last year, an owl perched above us, straight from central casting," he recalls. For him, home is not a place to shut the world out but to welcome it in.

Barry's current partner, Will Thomas, is the co-anchor of FOX 5 News at 11 pm Monday through Friday. Will is also responsible for several signature segments he's created for FOX 5 News at 10 pm including "Will You Eat There?" on Thursday nights and "The Switch" every Friday night just before the 11 pm newscast.

Originally from California, Will moved to D.C. thinking it would be a stopover in his career, but he fell in love with the region and the people. He's been awarded with two Emmys for in-depth and live reporting, but it's your loyalty that matters to Will the most. After all, we've been through a lot together over these years and he's been honored to cover many of the biggest stories of the past 18 years, like the impeachment of President Clinton, the saga of Elian Gonzalez who attempted to flee Communist Cuba with his mother, the attacks of September 11th, the disappearance of Chandra Levy, the D.C. area sniper shootings and eventual execution of John Allen Muhammad.

No matter what the story, the journalists at FOX 5 News want you to see and feel the story through the lens of those affected. Will is fortunate to work with an amazing group of people and his colleagues will tell you he loves to laugh and joke around in the newsroom and in the studio during commercial breaks.

Source: www.traditionalhome.com/gardens/beautiful-gardens/designer-barry-dixons-garden-and-grounds (Jeanne Blackburn)

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