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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Driving into the Sun by Dev Bentham

Driving into the Sun by Dev Bentham
Gay Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (September 22, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Driving into the Sun

Bad choices. We all make them, some more than others. Dusty’s choices have left him unemployed, broke, and practically homeless. Despite the major issues he has with his family, his only rational choice is to sell everything and move into his parents’ basement. At thirty. Looking for a ride west, he answers a phone ad. The voice at the other end of the line flows like dark, rich honey. Finally something to look forward to--listening to Joe’s voice all the way from Illinois to Idaho.

Rather than the hip crooner of Dusty’s fantasies, Joe turns out to look more like a panhandler. Is that because Joe dresses down, or are Dusty’s preconceptions about Native Americans clouding his vision? Joe is silent more often than not. He has a complicated past and still has amends to make. But he is ready to move on. Dusty feels trapped. Two damaged men, one small car driving two thousand miles into the sun--sometimes things need to break down before they can get fixed.

This road trip romance of mixed race couple has a lot on its plate: new start, misconception, danger, cultural difference, family baggage.  Like a good road movie, the plots and twists are nicely rolled out, with character development along the road.  The issues are very personal and emotional, but the storyline remains mature and realistic.  It's a very satisfying read.

This book is an all-star on every front. The characters leapt off the page. The revelation of each of their past mistakes drew them together in a touching way. Once they got to the point of falling for each other, the scenes between them were loving and sexy at the same time and the anguish they each felt was finely drawn. Well written, intensely compelling, and just an amazing read. A complete package for me.

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