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Dylan Rosser: Facebook block

I received this email by Dylan Rosser.

"I am reaching out to my social media contacts to try draw some attention to the fact I have now been blocked/banned from Facebook for 30 days. Only a week after my last 30 day ban ended.
The first ban I assume was because there was too much pubic hair. Does the bit of bush warrant 30 days in Facebook jail?
The second pic is a male nude on a rock and NOTHING is shown in this picture. Photoshop was used to take out any offending bits that might have been seen. Again, does this warrant a 30 day ban?

by Dylan Rosser, 2015
If you care about this issue of me (and many other photographers of the male nude) being targeted/bullied then I hope you can maybe do some post about it."
I sadly smiled when I read the ending sentence "if you care about this issue of me"... sadly because with all my recent family trouble, I didn't realize before Dylan was having this issue, and I for sure care about him, he is not only my favorite photographer, he is also a long-time judge for the Rainbow Awards and has always been generous with his work so that I was able to share it on my journal.

Why Dylan is a favorite of mine? cause I consider him top class, never vulgar, even if it's a full frontal, but in any case, he has never shared full frontal, you can see them only with a specific access rights on his website, or if you buy his online magazine.

And in any case the photo for which he was banned the second time isn't pornographic at all. And to prove it I will post is side by side with another similir photo... which is 113 YEARS OLD and that is consider now ART. Actually the 113 years old picture is way more "risky" than that of Dylan.

Caino, 1902, by Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden (September 16, 1856 – February 16, 1931)

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