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G&T: italian gay webserie

When Gay Romance wasn't so popular, I was already passionate about gay love stories, and the only source to fullfill my passion were movies. There are wonderful Gay Romance Movies, but again, I think I have seen most of them. I have also backed many kickstarter campaigns, bought DVDs and rented/streamed many of them. Lately, I was again feeling a gap... no more new movies out there for me. And then, without searching, something nice happened: I "met" G&T (Giulio&Tommy), the Italian Gay Webseries and do you want to know what is the best thing? it's free!

That is the point, the product is so good that I was all for paying to see it, and instead these two guys, Matteo and Francesco, authors, directors and main actors of the webseries, put it out there for free. The first season was low-budget, but trust me, you don't perceive that: I have bought many indie movies, with a good story but a so-and-so background work (sound, screenplay, actors...) and I have always reviewed them in a positive way since my starting point was, with such low budget that is the best they could do... and here we have a webseries that instead did well beyond that, it's almost a product I wouldn't mind to see screened on an International Festival, and do you want to know more? it has different subtitles, so that you can enjoy it even if you are not an Italian speaking follower.

G&T wants to fill a gap in the Italian market (but sincerely that is something lacking also abroad): a contemporary gay love story with an happy ending. Giulio and Tommy, childhood best friends, move to the realm of lovers, need to overcome many obstacles, but we, audience, strongly feel they will have their happy ending... and they will have IT! How many time we fell in love for "our" characters (because, yes, they are our own after a bit) and in the end, for many reasons, the author decided it was most "catching" to deprive us of the happy ending? I don't want to drop names, but I have at least three movies in mind. G&T will not disappoint you on that regard, trust me.

And now, for who is wondering, but do they dare, or the gay thing is just th flavour of the month, and the story has simply put a same-sex pair in an otherwise traditional relationship? Do not worry, they dare, and a lot too, the relationship between Giulio and Tommy develops both in an emotional than physical way, and when they got physical, it's like achieving an apex (pun intended), but it's never, ever vulgar: it was explicit, but it was like seeing a tableau from Caravaggio, passion and strength, dark colors and sudden light, it was arousing but also emotional uplifting.

I'm still wondering how those two guys managed such a good job with such a small budget. Season 2 is complete and they are trying to understand how to afford Season 3... if they will indeed crowfund this project, I will be first in line to contribute.

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