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Remembering a nice night out and not to judge by stereotype

If you are following my blog since beginning you know I used to post male nudes (sometime I still do, by Dylan Rosser, but not much). Once I posted about a real life gay couple who did a beautiful photoshoot together, moreover their story was so romantic, meeting for working related reasons but living in different countries, they decided to move together. When I posted, one of the two commented and left a nice message. Months passed, probably a year even, the two split and the same one who left the comment send me a private message asking me if I could remove the post: he was trying to move on with his life and that post, like many others on the net, was basically forcing him to always step back. I told him, sure no trouble, and he said me I was basically the only one who replied. I gave him some advice how to contact other bloggers to ask for the removal of the pictures and that was all.

The room I booked in Dublin, very nice, very cheap, but I slept only 2 hours

We did have a small connection indeed, another friend of mine, an actor in New York City, was in a movie with him in the past. Once I was visiting New York and I planned to meet my friend for a coffee; while we were chatting, he told me the following day he was filming the sequel of that movie and many of the cast from previous movie were expected for some cameos. I told him of that other guy, but again, not really knowing him, it was just a passing comment. But right the day I was back in Italy the guy wrote again, telling me how he would have liked to meet me. I told him, next time I'm in NY? OK.

Walking to the theathre, St Stephen Green

Indeed it was two years later, in the meantime I think we chatted on Facebook, and we planned to have dinner. I was a little scared to meet a, basically, complete stranger (I'm indeed very shy) and I asked to another friend in NY to come with me. It was a wonderful night and from that moment on, everytime I was in the US, I managed a day or two in NY to meet him and other friends, but I was never able to be there when he was in a production as an actor.

And then, a time I was in London for work, he was in Dublin, and I thought, why not? London-Dublin by airplane is more or less the same cost of a train or a bus, and there was a nice hotel in the city center that was cheap. So I booked and I told him, I will be there. He obviously told me lets have drinks afterward.

On the Trinity college grounds, second before my friend recognized me from behind and called me

The night of the show, I was near the theatre some time before since it was inside the Trinity College and I wanted to take a walk on the grounds. I met my friend who was walking to the theatre with his co-actor and he introduced us. I sincerely didn't pay much attention to the other guy, I was there for my friend. When the show begun, I had a HUGE surprise: basically my friend and his co-actor were in a one-act show completely NAKED... now I remembered my friend posting about the fact he needed to be fit for the role, and the show was age-restricted, but, well, I wasn't expecting that.

The show was really nice and at the end, my friend and I didn't manage to go out alone: the co-actor, another girl working for the show and I think another friend from Dublin joined us. We went for drinks and then to the most famous gay club in Dublin, the George. Since I was there for my friend, I sincerely didn't consider the other two guys, really, and then my friend was so caring and attentive I really didn't have time to chat with anyone else. At one point I told him I needed to use the restroom, and he even wanted to come with me and wait outside... I told him it wasn't necessary, and inside me I though, we are in a gay club, I don't think I'm in danger, but well, I didn't mind: as I told I'm shy and having someone near me was reassuring.

The day after at the Chelsea Psychic Garden waiting for the flight back to Venice

Almost at the end of the night, I understood why he was so keen to not let me alone: while we were out smoking (him not me) he told me his co-actor used to take to bed a different girl every night and to not give him space... and I told him, I though he was gay, and my friend, no, absolutely not, on the contrary indeed. So we went inside, and in the end my friend let me alone for just a moment to go and take a drink, and as soon as he was out of the picture, do you remember the other guy, the one from Dublin who joined us? he sat beside me and kissed me, and after I just looked at him in a shocked way, and he told me, your were so pretty sitting there alone, and I was thinking weren't you gay? apparently not...

It was almost 3 o'clock and my flight back to London was at 7 am, so my friend took me to a taxi... sincerely even if I wanted to take up the offer from the guys, there wasn't enough time LOL

So I learned two lessons:
- online you can find real friends, I still consider this guy one of my best friend, even if I'm not able to see him as much as I would like
- do not judge by stereotype, doing so you can loose your chance :-)

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