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Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

I decided to take part to this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1641992786037710/ telling two stories:

Lili Elbe was a male to female transgender and one of the first identifiable recipients of sex reassignment surgery. She was a successful artist under the name Einar Mogens Wegener. She also presented as Lili, sometimes spelled Lily and publicly was introduced as Einar's sister. After transitioning, however, she made a legal name change and stopped painting. Elbe met Gerda Gottlieb at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and they married in 1904. They moved in Paris in 1912, where Elbe could live openly as a woman and Gottlieb could be actively lesbian. Elbe started dressing in women's clothes; over time, Gottlieb became famous for her paintings of beautiful women with haunting almond-shaped eyes dressed in chic fashions. In approximately 1913, the unsuspecting public was shocked to discover that the model who had inspired Gottlieb's depictions of petite femmes fatales was in fact Elbe. The Wegeners' marriage was declared null and void in October 1930. Elbe died in 1931, due to complications three months after her fifth and last operation. This operation was designed to enable her to carry a child, and entailed the transplantation of a uterus. Her cause of death is believed to have been transplant rejection. Gottlieb went on to marry an Italian military officer, aviator, and diplomat, Major Fernando "Nando" Porta (born 1896), and move to Morocco, where she would learn of the death of Elbe, whom she described to a friend as "my poor little Lily"
Together from 1904 to 1930: 26 years.

Eddie Redmayne as Lili
Eddie Redmayne, who has become the darling of Hollywood with his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything, is preparing to take on another challenging role - that of Lili Elbe. The Oscar-winner is reportedly already losing weight to play the Danish painter born Einar Wegener who, with the support of his wife, fellow artist Gerda Gottlieb, first started living as a woman and finally became one of the first people to undergo gender reassignment surgery in the 1930s. Directed by Tom Hooper, the film will explore the extraordinary life of a figure who risked her reputation, marriage and finally her life to be the person she felt she should be.

Lili Elbe and Gerda Gottlieb

Vita Sackville-West was an English author, poet and gardener. She won the Hawthornden Prize in 1927 and 1933. She was famous for her exuberant aristocratic life, her strong marriage (although she and her husband, Harold Nicolson, were both bisexual), her passionate affairs with novelist Virginia Woolf and Violet Trefusis, and Sissinghurst Castle Garden, which she and Nicolson created at Sissinghurst. Sir Harold Nicolson was an English diplomat, author, diarist and politician. The couple had an open marriage. Both Sackville-West and her husband had same-sex relationships. These affairs were no impediment to the closeness between Sackville-West and Nicolson, as is seen from their almost daily correspondence (published after their deaths by their son Nigel), and from an interview they gave for BBC radio after World War II. Portrait of a Marriage: Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson is their 1973 biography compiled by their son Nigel Nicolson from Sackville-West’s journals and letters, a book of strong emotions relating to her complicated marriage to Nicolson.
Together from 1913 to 1962: 49 years.

From left to right: Harold Nickolson, Vita Sackville-West, Rosamund Grosvenor, Lionel Sackville-West, 1913

Portrait of Violet Trefusis by Sir John Lavery, 1919

I will donate a print copy of Days of Love to a commenter on this blog (need to provide mailing address once contacted, also internationally)

Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time by Elisa Rolle
Paperback: 760 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1500563323
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
CreateSpace Store: https://www.createspace.com/4910282
Amazon (Paperback): http://www.amazon.com/dp/1500563323/?tag=elimyrevandra-20
Amazon (Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MZG0VHY/?tag=elimyrevandra-20

Days of Love chronicles more than 700 LGBT couples throughout history, spanning 2000 years from Alexander the Great to the most recent winner of a Lambda Literary Award. Many of the contemporary couples share their stories on how they met and fell in love, as well as photos from when they married or of their families. Included are professional portraits by Robert Giard and Stathis Orphanos, paintings by John Singer Sargent and Giovanni Boldini, and photographs by Frances Benjamin Johnson, Arnold Genthe, and Carl Van Vechten among others. “It's wonderful. Laying it out chronologically is inspired, offering a solid GLBT history. I kept learning things. I love the decision to include couples broken by death. It makes clear how important love is, as well as showing what people have been through. The layout and photos look terrific.” Christopher Bram “I couldn’t resist clicking through every page. I never realized the scope of the book would cover centuries! I know that it will be hugely validating to young, newly-emerging LGBT kids and be reassured that they really can have a secure, respected place in the world as their futures unfold.” Howard Cruse “This international history-and-photo book, featuring 100s of detailed bios of some of the most forward-moving gay persons in history, is sure to be one of those bestsellers that gay folk will enjoy for years to come as reference and research that is filled with facts and fun.” Jack Fritscher

And these are all the other blogger who are joining:

1.Erica Pike (M/M)2.Cherie Noel (M/M)
3.NJ Nielsen (M/M)4.K-Lee Klein (M/M)
5.Bronwyn Heeley (M/M)6.Chris McHart (Multi: M/M, TR)
7.Andrew J. Peters (GAY)8.Prism Book Alliance (MM, FF, TR, Bi, Rev)
9.L.M. Brown (M/M)10.Dianne Hartsock (M/M)
11.ScuttlebuttReviews (MM,FF,TR,BI,Rev)12.Anne Barwell (M/M)
13.Anna Lee (M/M)14.Draven St. James (M/M)
15.Anna Butler (M/M)16.A.L. Wilson (M/M, Bi, TR)
17.Jacintha Topaz (BI F/F/M, F/F) 18.Blaine D. Arden (M/M, TR)
19.L. J. LaBarthe (M/M)20.Iyana Jenna (M/M)
21.Kracken (M/M)22.Victoria Zagar/Infinite Love (MULTI, REV)
23.Brandon Shire (Gay)24.Lex Chase (M/M)
25.Amanda C. Stone (M/M)26.Stephen del Mar (Gay)
27.JC Wallace (M/M)28.Lasha's Reviews (REV)
29.Angela S. Stone (M/M)30.Serena Akeroyd (M/M/F)
31.Marie Landry (F/F)32.S.J. Frost (M/M)
33.Raythe Reign Publishing (M/M)34.Susanna Hays (M/M)
35.Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae (GAY, BI, F/F, TR) 36.Kaje Harper (M/M, Bi)
37.Barbara Winkes (F/F)38.Kat Fletcher (LES)
39.Moonbeams over Atlanta40.Fever Dreams (Raven J. Spencer)
41.Kimber Vale (M/M)42.Sexy Erotic Xciting~ Evelise Archer (M/M)
43.Amelia Bishop (MULTI)44.Shayla Mist (M/M, DES)
45.Caddy Rowland(Gay)/Sibley Jackson (M/M)46.Thursday Euclid (M/M)
47.Nic Starr (M/M)48.Anastasia Vitsky (Governing Ana) (F/F, BI)
49.Blogger,reviewer,author, editor, promotion50.Caraway Carter (M/M, Bi)
51.Grace R. Duncan (M/M, Bi)52.Elin Gregory
53.Kade Boehme54.Amberly Smith (M/M)
55.Remmy Duchene Mantasy (M/M)56.L M Somerton (M/M)
57.Erin O'Quinn (M/M)58.Lori Toland (M/M)
59.Tyler Robbins (M/M, M/M/M)60.BFD Book Blog
61.BFD Book Blog (REV)62.Crystal's Many Reviewers (M/M, F/F, TR, Bi, Rev)
63.Kenzie Mack (M/M, BI)64.The Novel Approach Reviews
65.J.P. Bowie (M/M)66.Devon Rhodes (M/M, Bi)
67.Thianna Durston (M/M)68.Morticia Knight (M/M, Bi)
69.Bryl R. Tyne (M/M, TR, MULTI, F/F)70.M.A. Church (M/M)
71.Books A to Z Book Blog72.Catherine Lievens (M/M)
73.James Lee Hard (MM)74.Eva Lefoy (M/M)
75.Matthew J. Metzger (MULTI)76.Andrew Ashling (Gay)
77.Charley Descoteaux (MM, Bi)78.Michael Mandrake
79.Kate Aaron (Gay)80.DiverseReader (REV)
81.Hans M Hirschi (Gay, TR)82.Aeryn Jaden (M/M)
83.Alex C.Clarke (M/M)84.Louisa Bacio (M/M F/F Bi)
85.Talon ps & Princess so (MM, Bi, Poly, DES)86.Tasha's Thinkings (M/M, Bi)
87.Christa Tomlinson (M/M)88.Alexa Milne (M/M)
89.IndiGo Marketing & Design (DES)90.Eva LeNoir (M/M)
91.A.V. Sanders (M/M)92.B. Snow (MULTI)
93.Alexis Duran (M/M)94.Dean Pace-Frech (M/M)
95.Lily G. Blunt (M/M, REV)96.Joelle Casteel (MULTI)
97.Sage Marlowe (Gay)98.Author Susan Mac Nicol (MM)
99.Sloan Johnson (M/M, BI)100.Cody Kennedy (GAY)
101.Lea Bronsen (MULTI)102.Brina Brady (M/M)
103.WindWhisperer (Erotica Whispers) (F/F)104.Bey Deckard (M/M, BI)
105.Andrew Jericho (Gay)106.NSBeranek (Gay)
107.Freddy MacKay (MM, BI, Queer Fic)108.Mischief Corner Books (PUB)
109.Angel Martinez (Gay/Bi)110.Catherine Dair Cover Designers (DES)
111.Toni Griffin (M/M)112.Carly's Book Reviews (M/M, TR, BI, MULTI, REV)
113.Rory Ni Coileain (M/M)114.M.LeAnne Phoenix (M/M)
115.Lucy Felthouse (Multi)116.Bottom Drawer Publications (PUB)
117.Tempeste O'Riley (M/M, BI, Genderfluid, TR)

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