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Blog Tour: Dojo Boys, Dragon and Crow by Alex A Akira

Dragon and Crow - Deluxe 2 Volume Set (Series: Dojo Boys) by Alex A. Akira
Publisher: TRIPLE A PRESS- YAOI GAY ROMANCE 2 VOLUME E-BOOK; 1 edition (May 16, 2015)
Amazon Kindle: Dragon and Crow - Deluxe 2 Volume Set

Twenty-three-year-old, Michael Black’s life is disrupted when he is ambushed at the dojo he frequents by a mysterious Japanese youth called Kiyoshi. The gifted nineteen-year-old is an intriguing mix of angst, innocence and crafty intelligence, and soon circumstances have the gorgeous teen living at Michael’s apartment.
Honor bound by a promise to his sensei, Michael tries to keep his mounting desire for his house guest in check, but Kiyoshi’s heated kisses says the stunning Japanese youth wants Michael in his bed. As Michael wrestles with desire, Kiyoshi's painful past manifests and a twisted tale of tragedy and vengeance emerges. A perilous saga that revolves around Kiyoshi, Michael’s sensei, Ichiro Kimura, a detective called Masato Takahashi, the Japanese Yakuza and a mysterious vigilante named Yoshiro Tanaka.

Volume two finds the web of deception surrounding Kiyoshi intensifying when he goes missing. Driven by despair, Michael agrees to go undercover to save Kiyoshi from the vicious Yakuza lord, Takeshi Ikeda. But once immersed in the dangerous world of espionage he realizes no one is who they seem. His sensei appears to be under the power of Masato Takahashi, a man he once loved. Detective Takahashi seems intent on arresting both Takeshi Ikeda and Kiyoshi. And the cunning vigilante, Yoshiro Tanaka, is doing business with the despicable Yakuza lord … aided in his efforts by a far too attractive French-Korean spy.

Forced to suppress his temper and play the submissive, Michael must use both his creative and martial skills to survive. He finds himself accosted at a nightclub, kidnapped at a casino, seducing secret agents and fighting Kiyoshi’s Yakuza ex-lover, in a tumultuous journey to a bittersweet endgame that he can only hope will win him the full trust and complete love of Kiyoshi Kimura.
Secrets, lies, sex and action combine in the finale of this racy, romantic thriller as two estranged couples—Michael Black and Kiyoshi Kimura, and Ichiro Kimura and Masato Takahashi—fight for justice and enduring love.

EXCERPT 3: Detective Masato Takahashi ruminates on his nemesis, Yoshiro Tanaka.
Detective Takahashi turned his attention to the manila folder. Opening it, he found not only a report on Takeshi Ikeda, but also a short printout of the known history of Yoshiro Tanaka and the Tanaka Group. Choosing to peruse the latter first, he opened its pages, bypassing the dates and times, and scanning the most prevalent information, much of which he knew by heart.

Yoshiro Tanaka, age unknown, no photo available. He initially came to NPA attention three years prior in connection with the death of one Kenta Sasaki, then Shatei-gashira of the Ikeda-clan Yakuza. Tanaka was believed to lead the Tanaka Dance Company, a highly regarded touring dance company.
Few knew that the unorthodox dance company was really a front for The Tanaka Group, an unaffiliated anti-criminal agency whose single purpose was hunting down, infiltrating, and disrupting international criminal activity. The headquarters of the highly secretive company was unknown, but the group sometimes cooperated with government and private organizations. They appeared to successfully penetrate criminal syndicates that most legitimized anti-crime groups could not. Their modus operandi was to target difficult to access, solitary individuals, deal with them swiftly and then disappear. An anonymous call was generally received by the local police force in whichever geographical area the vigilante group hit. Sometimes a distraught criminal and compelling evidence were found neatly packaged at the given location; sometimes the local forces arrived to find carnage and dead bodies.
The Tanaka Group’s anti-crime skills teetered on the narrow edge of legality: computer hacking, burglary, forgery, information trading, and espionage were frequently utilized by its agents, who seemed to Masato like nothing more than talented con men. It was rumored that the group also dealt out vigilante-style justice to cases involving pedophilia, child pornography and physical abuse of minors. The list of the group’s known affiliates and associates was extremely short, but the final name stood out. It read Ichiro Kimura.
And this, Masato thought sorrowfully, was what had caused the friction and the abrupt ending of his and Ichiro’s fragile love affair three years earlier. Swallowing hard, Masato silently admitted that part of the reason he had fought to head the Takeshi Ikeda operation was to locate and unmask Yoshiro Tanaka, the man who had come between him and Ichiro … and crush him.

About the Author: Alex A. Akira is the author of the yaoi romance series Dojo Boys, racy tales of young, male martial artists navigating some unorthodox and adventurous paths to find love. The Deluxe two-volume box set of Dojo Boys: Dragon and Crow are available at Amazon:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dojo-Boys-Dragon-Crow/1586470108305850
WEBSITE: http://www.alexaakira.org/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AlexAAkira
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103196749872035740632/posts/p/pub

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