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Man Candy Day: Bryan Slater

Yes I know, it's a day first of usual, but today I'm bored and so I'd like to be a bit silly. But not so much, and since other week I posted a very cute man candy, but perhaps a little too young, today I want to please who likes man older, but very handsome.

Bryan Slater, 42 years old, makes a living in the show business industry of New York City.

Originally a student of art, Bryan has recently discovered the pleasure of being a subject of art. He has worked intensively with photographer Walter Kurtz, but can also ad other big names to his artistic carer, like Paul Reitz, Kim Hanson, Kelly Grider, Thomas Synnamon and Kristopher Kelly. And today Bryan appears on BeautifulMag as Dylan Rosser’s second New York City boy.

@BeautifulMag - Dylan Rosser
@Dylan Rosser
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