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Dragon's Delight by Willa Okati

In a post apocalyptic world, Collin is alone: he lost his only friend and wanna-to-be lover even before they can give a chance to their relationship. Nyas is missing in action and now Collin has to convince himself that he has no more hope to see again his beloved. Soon after quited his heart he is kidnapped by Zacharei, a dragon, who brings him in the Dragon lands and in the arms of Avalier, a big dragon with a gentle soul. Avalier was injured in battle and his minds is no more still functioning: he forgets things and he needs assurance. But once he was again at home, he discovered that his human pet, Ka-lyn, went away and no one knows where he is now.

Collin is very similar to Ka-lyn, also their names are similar, and Zacharei mistook him for the other man. Also Avalier thinks he is Ka-lyn, and since the dragon his very similar to his lost lover Nyas, Collin thinks to assume the new identity of Avalier lost lover.

Collin is a romantic, a man who has seen too much and suffer a lot of things, but still he believes in true love and he is able to recognize a noble soul when he meets Avalier. Collin deserves to love again, I'm only a little sad he can't realize his dream with Nyas.

Avalier is a tought but simple dragon. Yes, he has some problems, he has strong reactions, but he is not dangerous: he is too good inside to be dangerous.

The story is very short, less than 60 pages, but it's very romantic. I almost wept while reading of Collin mourning for Nyas, and soon after I was smiling, reading the reaction of Collin to Avalier. The story is an up and down of feeling, and it's truly sweet. I only hope to read more on this series, at its second chapter, and I hope that Willa Okati is thinking to write also of Nyas, maybe giving him another dragon lover, since now Collin is taken by Avalier.


Amazon Kindle: Dragon's Delight
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (June 6, 2008)

Series: Dragons
1) Dragon's Dare: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/231139.html
2) Dargon's Delight

Waiting Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=waiting reading list&view=elisa.rolle

Tags: author: willa okati, genre: futuristic, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: apocalypse now, theme: shapeshifters

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