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Euro Pride Con: T.J. Masters

Starting from June 1, 2015, I will daily feature authors attending the three conventions I will join, Euro Pride in Munich (July), UK Meet in Bristol (September) and GRL in San Diego (October).

For the Euro Pride in Munich, July 11-12, 2015, today author is T.J. Masters (T.J. Masters will also attend UK Meet in Bristol): T.J. Masters is a fifty-six-year-old author and life coach living in Hertfordshire just to the north of London, England. T.J. has shared thirty years of suburban life with his civil partner Ian, and they enjoy the love and support of T.J’s large Irish family who all live nearby. In 2009 T.J. took early retirement from a thirty-three-year school teaching career and decided to follow a new path. After qualifying as a life coach, T.J. found that he was coaching a couple of authors who were going through the process of giving birth to the book which “had always been inside them.” This rekindled T.J’s long-held desire to write and get published.

With a lifelong passion for books, learning, and the sharing of knowledge, T.J. woke up to the realization that he had stories to tell, books to write, and less than half a lifetime left to do it in. As for the kind of books he is writing… well, let’s just say that he decided to channel over thirty years of experience in the gay BDSM lifestyle into a genre where it would be most appreciated!

Alongside this passion for books and writing, T.J. also found an outlet for his inner geek and has become a great advocate for social media in various forms. Blogging has become a great outlet for T.J’s many interests including the writerly ones.

Further Readings:

Window Cleaner's View (Working Hard. Loving Harder Book 4) by T. J. Masters
Publication Date: April 30, 2014
Amazon Kindle: Window Cleaner's View (Working Hard. Loving Harder Book 4)

Young James Cooper is cleaning windows to cover for the regular guy who is in hospital. James has also been receiving therapy following his troubled early retirement from the Army. Whilst cleaning a customer’s windows James spies a sexy young guy indulging in some solo fun watching a gay porn movie in his bedroom. Soon the two guys get together and horny student Steve no longer needs porn to stimulate him. The attraction is purely physical at first but as the two men learn more about each other it appears that the connection is more than skin deep.


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