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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Winter on Spring Street by Stacey Darlington

Winter on Spring Street by Stacey Darlington
Lesbian Paranormal Romance
Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: Melange Books (June 3, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1680461273
ISBN-13: 978-1680461275
Amazon: Winter on Spring Street
Amazon Kindle: Winter on Spring Street

If you were a witch, how far would you go to make someone love you? If you knew magic, would you use it? What if the love spell turns to lust? Former singer superstar, Raven Viramonte, knows. After her career comes crashing to a halt, Raven seeks refuge in the creepy central Florida bungalow she buys, sight unseen. When Rocky, Raven's sister, calls with the news of their mother's ill health, Raven must return to the family owned apartment building she despises, on 88 Spring Street, Connecticut, the tomb of her darkest secrets.

The story of Raven Viramonte was full of angst, sex, magic, inner healing, rage, strength, sapphic beauty, and music, all so well-written that I found myself feeling the emotions with "Red". The setting was so wonderfully described I could taste the pizza from Celiini's, feel the leaves crunching beneath my shoes on 88 Spring Street, and taste the liquor Red shared with Redbone while sitting on the hard bench outside in the hot Florida sun. The author, Stacey Darlington, did an amazing job with delving deeply into each character that Red had some sort of emotional, physical, or sexual reaction to, which is something not a lot of authors do. I'm glad she did, however, because Red was sooo angry and suffered such violent panic attacks and volatile reactions to people that it was difficult to not think that Angelique was correct in her assessment that Raven was crazy. Through the author's engaging writing style we are given a satisfactory ending to a story filled with heartbreak and plot twists. The story wasn't perfect, there was a little too much time spent on Red describing the exterior of the apartment building on 88 Spring Street every time she saw it which was a lot. There were times where the story dragged, and even points where I felt as if the author were beating a dead horse in regards to the abuse Red suffered at the hands of her mother, but none of that detracted enough from the book to make me give it an high score.

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