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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: All the little Moments by G Benson

All the little Moments by G Benson
Lesbian Contemporary Romance
Paperback: 370 pages
Publisher: Ylva Verlag e.Kfr. (August 12, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3955333418
ISBN-13: 978-3955333416
Amazon: All the little Moments
Amazon Kindle: All the little Moments

A successful anaesthetist, Anna is focused on herself, her career, and her girlfriend. Everything changes abruptly when her brother's and sister-in-law's deaths devastate her and her family. Left responsible for her young niece and nephew, Anna finds herself dumped and alone in Melbourne, a city she doesn't even like. She tries to navigate the shock of looking after two children battling with their grief while managing her own. Filled with self-doubt, Anna feels as if she's making a mess of the entire thing, especially when she collides with a long-legged stranger. Anna barely has time to brush her teeth in the morning, let alone to date a woman-least of all one who has no idea about the two kids under her care. Just when Anna finally starts to feel as if she's getting some control of the situation, the biggest fight begins and Anna really has to step up once and for all.

A winner, in my humble opinion. It's truly a wonderful book, especially because it deals with the painful side of life: loss, grief, living with a big hole where there used to be a person while trying not to drown in other's grief and accepting that life does go on. What I loved most about this book is the message it seems to send. Nothing so trite as "life goes on" or "time heals all wounds". But more "if life pushes you where you never wanted to go, and you have the courage to accept this new way, you can find unexpected happiness". That, to me, is deeply encouraging. At first glance, nothing much seems to happen in this book. It's only a closer look at what is there that reveals the many different layers of plot. And how the author handled that shows mastery: Nothing is rushed or too slow, all the sub-plots are paced perfectly, and the author never loses control of one single thread. Kudos to that. There is a limited number of places that are important: The house, the hospital, court. It matches the plot in showing how the protagonist's world has limited - from the career woman who went out almost every night to the guardian of two small, grieving children. In that the setting becomes part of the plot and supports it, and it does so very well. There is the right amount of details to paint a solid backdrop, but not too many intricacies or descriptions to make matters confusing for someone who is neither a caregiver nor a medical professional. The thing that I noticed first about the characters is that all of them are treated with respect by the author. No two-dimensional evil exes, no sugary-cute children: These are all layered, complex, real people. Even toddler Toby. Especially the children delighted me in particular; I haven't read too many authors who know how to write children, and small children, and traumatised children at that. Plus, all of these complex characters develop in some way, some more, some less, and it's an organic kind of development: two steps forwards, one step back, one to the side. It feels real, believable, and it's very well done. The writing flows smoothly, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, always captivating. Excellent. The author doesn't make unnecessary words but she doesn't leave out or skip things either. The reader is right there with the protagonist, and if at times there is a certain sensation of detachment from her, well, that just shows how well the author manages to portrayAnna's emotional state. It also underlines once more how in control the author is of her plot and her characters.

The characters are well developed and very good writing.  Would recommend.

This book is bursting with likeable, relatable characters, the dialogue is witty and the plot is gripping from the first page to the last. This is written from the heart, with wonderful family dynamics at play along with a smooth, sweet romance woven in. A beautifully conceived debut, the only criticism being it was a little too wordy at times.

I loved it - setting, children, new love, conflict well told - the only thing lacking would be more happiness -humor and happiness really seal the deal in a romance.

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