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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancey

The Caphenon (Chronicles of Alsea 1) by Fletcher DeLancey
Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Series: Chronicles of Alsea
Paperback: 398 pages
Publisher: Ylva Verlag (March 5, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3955332535
ISBN-13: 978-3955332532
Amazon: The Caphenon (Chronicles of Alsea 1)
Amazon Kindle: The Caphenon (Chronicles of Alsea 1)

On a summer night like any other, an emergency call sounds in the quarters of Andira Tal, Lancer of Alsea. The news is shocking: not only is there other intelligent life in the universe, but it’s landing on the planet right now. Tal leads the first responding team and ends up rescuing aliens who have a frightening story to tell. They protected Alsea from a terrible fate—but the reprieve is only temporary. Captain Ekatya Serrado of the Fleet ship Caphenon serves the Protectorate, a confederation of worlds with a common political philosophy. She has just sacrificed her ship to save Alsea, yet political maneuvering may mean she did it all for nothing. Alsea is now a prize to be bought and sold by galactic forces far more powerful than a tiny backwater planet. But Lancer Tal is not one to accept a fate imposed by aliens, and she’ll do whatever it takes to save her world.

Excellent world building and plot development. Superb writing and captivating storyline. I loved the characters an can't wait to read DeLancey's next two books in the series.

An excellent ‘lesbians in space’ read. I liked how the cultural differences created conflict. Beware of using slang terms though. eg the word ‘posh’ really threw me out of the story not because you used it but it was out of context.

When I finished reading The Caphenon, I was sorry that it had ended, which is the best sign that this is a very good book. Technically, the writing was impeccable, the style engaging. I found the characters interesting, each with their own desires and motivations, and, more importantly, I cared about them. The plot may not have been quick, but it was full and engrossing, and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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