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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: A Scout is Brave by Jay Jordan Hawke

A Scout is Brave (The Two-spirit Chronicles Book 2) by Jay Jordan Hawke
Gay Young Adult
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press; 2 edition (December 18, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: A Scout is Brave (The Two-spirit Chronicles Book 2)

Set in the late 1990s in the months following the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, "A Scout is Brave," tells the coming-of-age story of 14-year-old Joshua Ishkoday, a part Native American boy coming to terms with his sexual orientation. Joshua is new to the Scout troop that invites him to a week of summer camp in northern Wisconsin. Some of the weaker kids in the troop soon realize they have a special friend in Joshua, who is not afraid to stand up to the troop's ruthless bullies. Joshua’s bravery and kindness is infectious, and the bullied Scouts quickly see their own inner worth and strength. Joshua, however, is plagued by self-doubt as he comes to terms with his developing feelings for Cody, the son of the troop’s tough and stern Scoutmaster. The two quickly realize they have more in common than just Scouting, as they confide in each other their deepest secrets and develop a close friendship. That friendship soon faces its greatest challenge, as the homophobic troop bullies come to believe that a "queer" has “infected” their troop. Struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and with the troop bullies, while at the same time discovering the camp's deep, dark secret, Joshua has to summon all of his courage and learn for the first time what it truly means to be brave. "A Scout is Brave" is especially timely in light of the increased media attention to anti-gay bullying and the string of high profile gay teen suicides. The novel powerfully portrays the psychology of bullying and demonstrates the pervasiveness of bigotry in American culture.

A story every young people should read. Very touching and well written, it really gets to the reader. A must for growing up kids.

This was a story I really enjoyed. I felt like the characters were real breathing people.

I was fascinated both by the main character, Joshua, and the glimpses of Native American culture. Another plus is that, while this is the second in a series of three related books, it is written in such a way that this story can be enjoyed entirely on its own without feeling that something has been missed.

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