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Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz

Sammi is a young sex slave. Abused child at 10 years when he was in a foster house, he became an hustler at 16 and at 20 he was picked up by an older man, Donovan. At first Sammi thought that Donovan wanted him for his own pleasure, but soon he was used as a whore and also taken in captivity. Now Donovan plans to sell him to the highest bidder, and Sammi can't have it. So he runs aways, and after some nights where he trades sex for a shelter, he meets Mitchell.

Mitchell is a simple man with a simple life, an ordinary work, a small but neat apartment. Sammi turns all it over. Since the first time both Sammi than Mitchell know that what they shares is more than a one night stand; Sammi has some psichic powers, he can read the emotions of people, and the voice of Mitchell in his head is strongest than all the other voices... Mitchell is the soul mate he is searching.

But life is not simple if you are a valueable good for a slave trader. Donovan has no intention to let him free, and he starts ruining Mitchell's life to convince Sammi to cooperate. And Sammi, even if deeply in love with Mitchell, will do anything it takes to not damage him any more.

The story is pretty good, the paranormal element not very strong, I would not define this romance as paranormal, it's more an angst romance, the sad past of Sammi is a stronger element than his psichic power. Even if the story is not too short, more than 160 pages, I still feel like all the event were happening in a too fast way: Sammi and Mitchell encounter is good and also their suddenly passion which continues for a bit, so much that they seems always horny, but how Sammi reveals his powers, and how Mitchell accepts them, it's all too fast. After all Mitchell's life is turned upset down from Sammi, and he seems too passive... maybe love is blinded him. And also the resolution of Sammi's problem... all too soon and all too simple, even if, usually I'm not one for prolong the ending too much.

I like the characters, even if we have the chance to know better Sammi and not so much Mitchell. Also Mitchell has a past, also a late lover he still misses sometime, and he also seems to have a supporting and loving family, but in all the story we have only little bit of info on him and not a full profile. About Sammi we know something more, and I found really interesting Sammi's visit to a free clinic and his "coldly" approach to his sex life seen from a medical point of view. It could sound strange, but I probably found it the best scene in the book.

In the end, easy reading, I finished the book in few time, but I see some lost opportunities in it and I'd like if the author considers to write more on these characters. 


Amazon Kindle: Common Powers 1: Soul Bonds

Amazon: Soul Bonds: Common Powers 1

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Cover Art by April Martinez
Tags: author: lynn lorenz, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: cops, theme: hustlers

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