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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: All Queers Must Die by Antonio

All Queers Must Die by Antonio
Gay Contemporary General Fiction
Publication Date: March 7, 2015
Amazon Kindle: All Queers Must Die

In a world where no one is who they seem to be and everybody has secrets… how do you find the truth?
Maynard Shores, Florida is an exclusive beachfront town where the rich and beautiful come to live out their fantasies. Fun in the sun, and hot nights filled with passion are to be expected in a locale that caters to every sexual taste and preference. But danger lurks behind the shores’s glittering facade. The price for indulging in one of the area’s newest pleasures could be high—very high. A dangerous new designer drug has been introduced to the scene and partaking of it could be deadly. Its effects have already been profoundly felt by one newcomer to the area.
The luxurious Maynard Shores Beachfront Resort is the place to stay, and home base for handsome and fit Bart Farrow, a man determined to get to the truth of what is going on in Maynard Shores. Using an alias, he arrives at the resort to train for the position of manager in order to spy on both guests and workers. All of whom seem to have agendas of their own. He’ll find himself forced to use some of their own tricks against them, even if it means trading his body for secrets and romancing foes for vital information. Lives are on the line, and loyalties are tested as time begins to run out. The cryptic message “All Queers Must Die” was found on resort property and, as a gay man, Bart is determined to find its author. Along with the help of some old and new friends, he’ll shine a light on the shadow world existing alongside the bright, glistening lights of Maynard Shores… before more lives are put at risk.

This is a very interesting mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.  I loved the little twists and turns in the story.  Be prepared for some OMG moments.

I'm usually very good at being able to figure out who is the ultimate villain in most books and on television shows and movies, but while reading this story I kept changing my mind. I think that is the mark of truly spectacular writing. I think also, the scenes that makes the reader shift in their seat, rather from being uncomfortable, wary, aroused at the most inopportune time, that shows brilliance. While I was confused-and I do mean, confused, at the beginning of the book, it didn't take long for all of that to clear up. The characters were all engaging. I hated the ones I was supposed to hate, loved the ones I was supposed to love, and the ones whom were the wild cards I moved from one column to the other constantly. This was a fascinating story, with the setting brilliantly described, and even with the few editing errors, I was pulled into the story and it did not let go until the very end when everything was solved, revealed, and my first thoughts about what was going on (and who was the villain) were proven correct (HELL YEAH!).

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