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Come Together by Clare London

Will and Mitch first appear in Mr Right Now anthology. They are neighbors and about the same age, but for the rest they are totally at opposite. Mitch is a party man, always out with the last boyfriend and his apartment is less than perfect. Instead Will is a prim and proper gay man, with a regular job and perfectly timing days, and when he is not working he prefers a quite night at home with one of his friends.

But now Will and Mitch are an item and they need to work some of their differences, from the day-to-day things, till the most intimate, like coming together during sex! Inspired by a "how to" book to improve sexual life, Mitch pushes Will to try something new, but Will maybe is not so glad to have underlined that they are different, since this may means that Mitch wants something more, or someone else.

The story is very short, 30 pages, it is part of a series that the publisher call nap-size dreams, but I should say that, even if short, it's good and enjoying. In few pages, Clare London is able to give a personality to both Will and Mitch, and also to entice the reader to want to know more about these two characters. A lot of sex, actually all the book is about sex, but it's funny.

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Tags: author: clare london, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review

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