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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mentions

All books submitted to the Rainbow Awards are assigned to 7 judges. Each judge rates the book 1 to 40. Books with at least 1 rate equal or above 36 out of possible 40 receive an Honorable Mention.

Winners will be announced on December 8th.

Below Honorable Mentions in alphabethical order:

"Air de Capri" is a 1923 painting by Gerda Wegener, with Gerda herself and her husband, transgender male to female, Lili Elbe

• 24-Karat Conspiracy (Precious Gems #4) by EM Lynley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4747601.html
• A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4652822.html
• A Fashionable Indulgence by KJ Charles: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4670800.html
• A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4731374.html
• A Hard Ride Home by Emory Vargas: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4653200.html
• A Harvest of Ripe Figs by Shira Glassman: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4657966.html
• A Man's Man by Genta Sebastian: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4699788.html
• A New Man by P.D. Singer: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4669706.html
• A Pride of Poppies by Julie Bozza: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4568303.html
• A Restored Man by Jaime Reese: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4748927.html
• A Scout is Brave by Jay Jordan Hawke: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4721636.html
• A Small Country about to Vanish by Victoria Avilan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4709109.html
• A Spartan Love by Kayla Jameth: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4660307.html
• A Year in the Life by Cat Grant: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4590071.html
• After The End by Sara York: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4655820.html
• Against Doctor’s Orders by Radclyffe: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4531749.html
• All I'll Ever Need by J.P. Bowie: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4547320.html
• All Queers Must Die by Antonio: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4739596.html
• All the little Moments by G Benson: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4711033.html
• All We Lack by Sandra Moran: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4703272.html
• Americana Fairy Tale by Lex Chase: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4692161.html
• An American Queer: The Amazon Trail by Lee Lynch: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4518085.html
• Angel Eyes by Christopher Hawthorne Moss: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4595516.html
• Arctic Absolution by Lynn Kelling: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4749747.html
• Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn by Thursday Euclid: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4668388.html
• Astounding! by Kim Fielding: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4641668.html
• Axel's Pup by Kim Dare: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4737645.html
• Azimuth (Interscission Project #2) by Arshad Ahsanuddin: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4627076.html
• Back Swing by Jeanine Hoffman: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4741290.html
• Bad Dyke: Salacious Stories from a Queer Life by Allison Moon: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4696698.html
• Balls & Chain, A Buck 98 Adventure by Eric Andrews-Katz: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4586321.html
• Balls Up by Kate Aaron: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4635367.html
• Banshee’s Honor by Shaylynn Rose: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4709798.html
• Barren by Anna Hedley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4524898.html
• Barring Complications by Blythe Rippon: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4675276.html
• Because of Summer by Elle Vaughn: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4693028.html
• Behind Locked Doors by Nicholas Kinsley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4559631.html
• Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4679091.html
• Betting on Love by Alyssa Linn Palmer: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4682419.html
• Beyond the Surface by Felice Stevens: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4715049.html
• Black John by Amy Lane: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4680407.html
• Blind Trust by Jody Klaire: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4705434.html
• Blink by Rick R. Reed: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4597960.html
• Blood and Dirt by Lloyd A. Meeker: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4721744.html
• Blowback by Bev Prescott: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4702791.html
• Blowing It by Kate Aaron: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4540827.html
• Blowing Smoke by Rory Ni Coileain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4719031.html
• Blue on Black by Carole Cummings: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4672144.html
• Bowl Full of Cherries by Raine O’Tierney: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4623892.html
• Boystown 7: Bloodlines by Marshall Thornton: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4574548.html
• Breaking the Habit by J.P. Bowie: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4546097.html
• Breeding Stations (Alliances #1) by Chris T. Kat: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4685630.html
• Brick by Brick by Cate Ashwood & L.J. LaBarthe: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4726673.html
• Bright Lights of Summer by Lynn Ames: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4537790.html
• Broken Gait by Kate Pavelle: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4681966.html
• Broken Ink by Jack L. Pyke: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4560154.html
• Burning Intuition (Intuition #2) by Makenzi Fisk: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4715287.html
• Cafe Eisenhower by Richard Natale: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4635076.html
• Caged Sanctuary by Tempeste O’Riley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4524518.html
• Call Me Home by Megan Kruse: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4578015.html
• Candy Man/Bitter Taffy (2 books as 1 submission) by Amy Lane: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4681427.html
• Canning the Center by Tara Lain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4549633.html
• Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4527817.html
• Chained in Darkness (New Haven #1) by Nicholas Bella: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4649268.html
• Chance Of the Heart by Kade Boehme: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4748660.html
• Chaos Station (Chaos Station #1) by Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4714393.html
• Charlie’s Hero by Nic Starr: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4665991.html
• Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy by Jordan Castillo Price: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4700485.html
• Chasing Death Metal Dreams by Kaje Harper: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4686683.html
• Chipman’s African Adventure by Jim Anderson: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4573135.html
• Christmas Crush by Kate McLachlan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4578620.html
• Cinder and the Smoke by Geonn Cannon: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4588387.html
• Come To My Window by Mia Kerick: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4620438.html
• Conflict of Interest by Zahra Owens: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4594685.html
• Cronin's Key by N.R. Walker: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4692575.html
• Daddy’s Boy by Vicktor Alexander: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4722037.html
• Daydreamers by Jonathan Harper: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4569782.html
• Death's Doorway by Crin Claxton: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4736227.html
• Deception by Design by Tara Wentz: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4743540.html
• Desdemona Darkly: When Mickey met Hugh by Mathew Ortiz: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4663414.html
• Dinner at Fiorello's by Rick R. Reed: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4602295.html
• Dirty Dining by EM Lynley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4730402.html
• Diventando: The Vessel by JC Wallace: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4646404.html
• Don’t Be Shy – A collection of erotic lesbian stories by Jae & Astrid Ohletz: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4711903.html
• Double Heat (Twin Ties #3) by Lynn Kelling: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4720231.html
• Dragon Horse War: The Calling by D. Jackson Leigh: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4618305.html
• Driving into the Sun by Dev Bentham: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4557045.html
• Empty Nests (Nested Hearts #1) by Ada Maria Soto: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4737269.html
• Endless Days of Summer by Stacy O'Steen: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4591190.html
• Escaping From Him by Liam Livings: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4567355.html
• Everybody Knows by Giselle Renarde: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4722960.html
• Everything by Carole Wolf: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4703008.html
• Everything Changes by Melanie Hansen: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4648612.html
• Everything's Coming Up Roses by Barry Lowe: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4690972.html
• Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin by Ron J. Suresha: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4521452.html
• Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4648399.html
• Fairytales Slashed, Volume 6 by Angel Propps, Diana Jean, H.R. Harrison, Remy Jensen, Sandra Bard, Sasha L. Miller: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4654494.html
• Falling by Suki Fleet: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4716974.html
• Family and Reflection by Anne Barwell: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4656765.html
• Fidelity by Lia Black: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4677622.html
• Finding Matt by JD Ruskin: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4561997.html
• Finding Pluck by Peter Difatta: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4637209.html
• Fool's Gold by Jess Faraday: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4533416.html
• For Love of: Colt by Antonio: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4740035.html
• For Real by Alexis Hall: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4716457.html
• For the Love of Cake by Erin Dutton: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4630735.html
• Fox-Hat and Neko by August Li: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4670241.html
• Fragmented (Shadow Mountain #2) by Indra Vaughn: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4633463.html
• Freshman Blues by Ravon Silvius: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4667647.html
• Future Imperfect by Pelaam: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4581905.html
• Gayrabian Nights by Johnny Townsend: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4519556.html
• Geek Out by Samantha M. Derr: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4650320.html
• Gemini by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4532629.html
• Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4696460.html
• Girls In Ice Houses by Linda Morganstein: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4740199.html
• Glamour Blade (a House Millar book) by Áine P Massie: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4709218.html
• Greater Love Hath No Man by Tinnean: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4645582.html
• Groom Of Convenience (Scandalous Whispers Of The Remmington Realm) by Vicktor Alexander: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4542836.html
• Hammer and Bone by Kirby Crow: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4736548.html
• Have a Little Faith in Me by Brad Vance: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4639894.html
• Heat Trap by JL Merrow: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4631770.html
• Hidden Gem by Lissa Kasey: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4728541.html
• Hope and Love Anthology by Áine P Massie: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4613485.html
• How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4611950.html
• Hurt by Lila Bruce: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4543654.html
• I’ll Always Miss You by Raine O’Tierney: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4625336.html
• Idolatry by Rebecca Cohen: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4712588.html
• I'll Still Be There by Keelan Ellis: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4648040.html
• Illusions & Dreams by Z. Allora: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4658260.html
• Immortal by Amy Lane: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4680501.html
• In Distress by Caethes Faron: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4732231.html
• In Me an Invincible Summer by Ryan Loveless: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4661972.html
• In My Neighborhood by Giovanna Capone: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4707587.html
• In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4649030.html
• In the Stillness of Dawn by Laurie Salzler: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4703913.html
• Inclination by Mia Kerick: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4620237.html
• Infected: Epitaph by Andrea Speed: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4526792.html
• Infected: Paris by Andrea Speed: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4563668.html
• Innocence by Suki Fleet: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4716649.html
• Jackdaw by KJ Charles: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4659206.html
• Jade by Skylar Wood: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4529078.html
• Jerricho's Freedom by JC Wallace: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4646817.html
• Jewel Cave by Elizabeth Noble: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4674712.html
• Jolt by Kris Bryant: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4663184.html
• Journey To You by A.J. Adaire: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4742849.html
• June Magee, RN, Festival Nurse by Ann McMan, Salem West, Barrett: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4708612.html
• Keep the Stars Running by Andrea Speed, Talya Andor, Lexi Ander, Leona Carver, and Cassandra Pierce: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4654800.html
• Kick at the Darkness by Keira Andrews: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4731711.html
• Knave of Broken Hearts by Tara Lain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4688644.html
• Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4616236.html
• Knight of Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4584068.html
• Laurel Heights 2 by Lisa Worrall: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4593318.html
• Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4643209.html
• Leaving Flowers by Debbie McGowan & Raine O’Tierney: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4623514.html
• Les faits accomplis by Anna Martin: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4746802.html
• Lesbians on the Loose: Crime Writers on the Lam by Lori L. Lake & Jessie Chandler: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4702058.html
• Lone Wolf (Bluewater Bay #4) by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4536582.html
• Lonely Shore (Chaos Station #2) by Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4714621.html
• Lost Boi by Sassafras Lowrey: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4607369.html
• Love and the Real Boy (Coming About #2) by J.K. Hogan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4530866.html
• Love for the Cold-Blooded Or: The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero by Alex Gabriel: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4678414.html
• Love is Enough by Cindy Rizzo: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4522255.html
• Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4603419.html
• Love Spell by Mia Kerick: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4619996.html
• Make Me Soar (Collars & Cuffs #6) by K.C. Wells: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4642052.html
• Making a Comeback by Julie Blair: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4672685.html
• Mastering Love (The Hampton Road Club #4) by Morticia Knight: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4735157.html
• Medusa: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread by Elizabeth Watasin: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4541558.html
• Memoir in the Making by Adrian J. Smith: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4587080.html
• Memoirs of the Happy Lesbian Housewife by Lorraine Howell: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4745589.html
• Memory by Doug Lloyd: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4729958.html
• Misplaced Affection by Wade Kelly: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4635527.html
• Mitch Rebecki Gets a Life by Julie Bozza: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4566040.html
• Model Citizen by Lissa Kasey: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4728995.html
• Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other NonTraditional, Twenty-First Century Weddings by Mark O'Connell: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4690150.html
• Moonstone (Stone Magic #1) by K-lee Klein: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4721358.html
• Moonstruck by Shannon West: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4529516.html
• Most Beautiful Words by Raine O’Tierney: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4623697.html
• Muse Me Only by Princess S.O.: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4640209.html
• My Body Is Yours by Michael V. Smith: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4608714.html
• My Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4645159.html
• Mythica by L.J. LaBarthe: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4585720.html
• Never Too Late by Julie Blair: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4672269.html
• Nights at Rizzoli by Felice Picano: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4644939.html
• No Good Reason by Cari Hunter: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4638493.html
• No Place That Far by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4617288.html
• No Thru Road by Linda M. Vogt: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4728307.html
• Obsidian Sun by Jon Keys: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4713326.html
• On The Clock by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4685395.html
• One, Two, Three... Salvation by Joey James Hook: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4722609.html
• One Marine, Hero by EM Lynley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4730638.html
• Operation Stop Hate (Operation #1) by Jessie Chandler: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4675047.html
• Orion's Circle by Victoria Sue: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4696024.html
• Palace Dog by R.E. Nelson: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4667185.html
• Peripheral People by Reesa Herberth & Michelle Moore: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4657322.html
• Played! by JL Merrow: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4631982.html
• Playing House by Bru Baker: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4725038.html
• Prince of Faith (An Uncommon Whore #3) by Belinda McBride: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4630137.html
• Pulling Leather by L.C. Chase: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4577328.html
• Pure Indulgence by Victoria Sue: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4529246.html
• Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4706925.html
• Rattlesnake by Kim Fielding: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4682655.html
• Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4534703.html
• Rebels by Jeff Mann: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4592955.html
• Red Dirt Heart 4 by N.R. Walker: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4692314.html
• Red in Tooth and Claw (Underdogs #4) by Geonn Cannon: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4589337.html
• Redemption (Diversion #5) by Eden Winters: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4698070.html
• Reflections of Fate by Pat Cronin: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4576382.html
• Resist by Heather C. Leigh: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4660738.html
• Restless Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4637055.html
• Riding Passion by D. Jackson Leigh: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4618509.html
• Riding the Rainbow by Genta Sebastian: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4699396.html
• rock by Anyta Sunday: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4670704.html
• Romance by the Book by Jo Victor: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4724946.html
• Running With Scissors by L.A. Witt: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4720952.html
• Sail Away by Lee Rowan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4633770.html
• Sandcastles by Suzie Carr: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4656174.html
• Sculpting Anna by Venus Reising: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4749063.html
• Season's Meetings by Amy Dunne: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4662254.html
• Secrets and Bow Ties by Lou Harper: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4564348.html
• Secrets of Angels by A.L. Duncan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4627346.html
• Sedition (Demoted #2) by Alicia Cameron: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4719917.html
• Semper Fi by Keira Andrews: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4731596.html
• Seventh by Rachel White: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4653364.html
• Sex, Love, and Videogames by CJane Elliott: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4698554.html
• Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4745106.html
• Sheltered Love by M.J. Williamz: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4748385.html
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• Walk a Mile by Sarah Madison: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4625570.html
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• We Came Alive in '75 by Pat Deihl: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4707378.html
• We Found Love by Allison Cassatta & Kade Boheme: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4698170.html
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• Werewolves of Brooklyn by Brad Vance: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4701271.html
• What you are by Erin E. Keller: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4524692.html
• When It Raynes by C.D. Cain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4704910.html
• When Skies Have Fallen by Debbie McGowan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4656033.html
• Where the words end and my body begins by Amber Dawn: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4609674.html
• Winter Duet by Anne Barwell: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4523296.html
• Winter on Spring Street by Stacey Darlington: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4668082.html
• Winter’s Wolf by Tara Lain: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4550407.html
• Wishbone by Elaine Burnes: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4704594.html
• Wolves of Black Pine by S.J. Himes: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4734680.html
• Would I Lie to You? by Brad Vance: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4646357.html
• Wrecked by Deanna Wadsworth: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4727852.html
• YES by Brad Boney: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4724343.html
• Zebra-striped Briefs (3 novellas as 1 submission) by C.C. Dado: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4663761.html

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