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Blog Tour: Sub-Dominant by Sage Marlowe

Sub-Dominant (Sub-Series #4) by Sage Marlowe
Series: Sub
Paperback: 282 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (November 23, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1519410905
ISBN-13: 978-1519410900
Amazon: Sub-Dominant (Sub-Series #4)
Amazon Kindle: Sub-Dominant (Sub-Series #4)

BLURB: Putting a leash on a dominant sub is a task that may require two Doms to accomplish.

When relocation agent Eric Swann is assigned to ease young Connor Prescott into moving back to London, he expects the boy to be more enthusiastic—and less irritating.

Used to roaming freely among his mother’s D-list celebrity friends, Connor is anything but happy when his father decides to put him on a leash—a leash with a far too attractive handler on the other end. Secretly craving a man who knows how to yank his chain and show him exactly where the limits are, Connor does what he’s best at. He manipulates Eric into giving him what he wants, making the man reveal a side of him that Eric himself isn’t ready to accept.

Trained by one of the quirkiest Dom/sub-teams in the country, Dom Tyler Kane knows exactly how to handle a toppy sub. He keeps Connor on his toes, er, knees, in the bedroom, but when his capricious lover sets his heart on pushing yet another limit, Tyler finds himself not only with a dominant sub but also with a Dom who has yet to accept his true identity.

Reader Advisory: Due to sexually explicit content this book is intended for adult readers only. Contains scenes in which the main characters are sexually involved with secondary characters and vivid descriptions of unusual sexual practices.

While this book can be read as a standalone novel, it is best enjoyed as part of the series in order of release (Sub-Mission, Re-Submission, Sub-Culture, Sub-Dominant)


He forgot all about that meeting when he spotted Connor. His beautiful torso was strapped into a leather harness and he walked behind Tyler, both approaching the bar. Eric waited until they had settled with two bottles of water.
“Hi there.”
Both men looked at him. Connor’s eyes widened, then a hint of pink crept into his cheeks. Eric’s heart leapt at the sight. His mind had kept presenting him with the younger Connor of five years ago, the version he’d become so used to thinking of that he found it hard to replace him with the older one. Older, more mature and sexier than ever.
Tyler gave him a welcoming, albeit somewhat wary smile. “Hi, Eric. Good to see you. Care to join us for some delicious water?”
At a wave of Tyler’s hand, the bartender nodded and brought a third bottle.
“It’s, uh, it’s weird that I’ve never seen you here before,” Connor said quietly. “Do you come to the club often?”
“No. This is only my second visit.”
“Oh. What a coincidence. A nice one.”
Eric smirked. “It’s not really a coincidence. I wanted to talk to you and figured this would be a good place.”
Frowning, Connor glanced at Tyler who shrugged, feigning innocence and ignorance.
“Well, coincidence or not, I’m glad that you’re here, because I wanted to talk to you, too.”
“I thought so.” He swigged some water. “I’ve been thinking. A lot. Trying to understand where you two are coming from.”
“Regarding open relationships, you mean?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah. No offence. It’s just not something I’m used to. I was taught that once you decide to be with someone, you stay with them. No matter what.”
“Fair enough. My parents weren’t the most liberal ones either and I grew up in Texas, which is very conservative, as you may know, and not the best place to be for a gay man. Being different is never easy.”
“No, it’s not.”
Connor shrugged. “Okay, so my parents were more liberal than yours, but at the end of the day, it’s your life, Eric. You have to figure out what makes you happy and grab it.”
“You make it sound so easy.”
“He’s right though, because that’s what it comes down to,” Tyler said. “Figuring out what makes you happy and accepting who you are.”
“Thanks, Buddha.”
“Ty isn’t patronising you, Eric.”
He sighed and forced himself to calm down. “I know. Sorry. I guess I’m just a little...emotional about all this.”
Connor leaned in. “Look, Eric. Here are the facts. I’d never leave Ty, but I still have feelings for you and I’d be willing to see where it could take us.” He glanced at Tyler, who nodded.
“I don’t know you all that well, but frankly, you’re hot, and even if you don’t want to have sex with me, you can play with Con.”
“Yes, play. Fuck. Nobody’s asking you to make a definite decision but just to be fair, I’m not making any promises either, other than that I will always be honest with you.” Connor’s voice was soft yet serious. Tyler was watching him with the same calm attentiveness Francis had displayed during their chat. Once more he felt like he was being studied, but neither man seemed to be looking for his weaknesses. They were simply trying to understand him and see if they were on the same page. And their book came with an offer that was bloody tempting.

About the Author: Sage is a multi-published, international bestselling author of gay erotic romance novels and novellas and loves exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction.

A willing slave to all the fascinating guys who keep queuing up and want their stories told, Sage can almost always be found cooking up the next hot story or daydreaming about new ways of rubbing sexy male bodies together to make the sparks fly.
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