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Blog Tour: Finding Home by Phetra H. Novak

Finding Home by Phetra H. Novak
Publication Date: December 13, 2015
Amazon Kindle: Finding Home

BLURB: Luca is a first year med student at the University of Gothenburg. He is following in his father’s footsteps, something he’d been programmed to do all his life. He lives a sheltered and still life, with no real friends. Luca would love to change that but doesn’t know how, since he always feels so odd around other people, like he doesn’t quite fit in. There’s so much inside him that wants out, like wanting to become a veterinarian more than a doctor. And the fact that he likes boys and not girls. But he doesn’t tell anyone about that—not even himself.

In comes Kai, an American cowboy in Gothenburg. He’s doing his thesis overseas to broaden his horizons before he does what he has always wanted to do, which is to go back home and run the family ranch. He just happens to see Luca one day leaving class and can’t stop watching the shy guy as he waded his way through the crowd with quick, silent steps, and his head down to avoid eye contact with anyone. For weeks Kai watches him from a distance, trying to figure out how to approach him.

Had he known that spilled coffee and slippery, awkward book bags would have gotten him close to the guy, he might have physically bumped into him a long time ago.

Finding Home is a book with star-crossed lovers meeting and the evil of the wicked witch in the west threatening to crush young love’s every dream!


KAI RELUCTANTLY let go of Luca’s chin. What he really wanted to do was keep staring into those blue eyes and maybe, just maybe, have a taste of those pretty lips. But he didn't. This was not the time or place to do that. He wasn't even sure Luca wanted him to do that.
"Maybe not pubs but cafés for sure. Did you know that Gothenburg has the most cafés per capita in Europe?"
"No. I didn't know that."
"We do. We drink a lot of hot beverages. Interesting facts about Gothenburg. Not. As you Americans say," Luca said with a crooked, embarrassed looking smile.
"Must be the freezing weather, and all the polar bears in the streets doing that." Kai teased Luca, glad when Luca’s eyes sparked.
Snorting, Luca glared at him playfully. "Yeah, the polar bears would do it. Do people actually believe that about here?"
Kai was so excited that he was getting Luca involved with an actual conversation that he didn't care if it was about polar bears.
Kai shrugged, tipping his head from side to side. "Maybe some but most just think of it as very exotic country far, far away, filled with pretty blond people." He lifted his hand and brushed the back of his fingers over Luca's dark blond hair, making the poor guy look away with his cheeks burning. It was crazy-making in the best way possible. He doubted Luca agreed but he was loving Luca's reaction to him—every single one of them.
They stood up to leave Garbo’s and Kai automatically picked up Luca’s backpack.
“I can take it,” said Luca, pink dusting his cheeks again.
‘It’s awkward, let me,” said Kai gently.
Luca just nodded, smiling shyly, his Adam’s apple bobbing, but he let Kai do it.
They walked for a while, talking about cultural differences. Kai mentioned some other fun ideas American's had about the land in the north.
“What about the Swedish bikini team, you ever heard of that?”
Luca snorted out a laugh, shaking his head.
“My Dad used to tell him about these TV beer ads that ran in the nineties with half naked women which they claimed to be part of the Swedish bikini team.”
Luca threw his head back and laughed a heartfelt laugh that echoed around them. Kai grinned, watching with intense interest, knowing instinctively that it was probably a rare thing for anyone to see Luca do that.

About the Author: Phetra often refers to herself as the odd man out, the dorky book nerd who rather spend her time with a good book or making up fantastic stories with even more fantastic characters, than live in the real world dealing with real people.

The real world is strange in a very non humorous way and people in it complicate it to the point of wearing you out. In the world of the written word no matter if it is in someone else's words or that of her own things might get busy, complicated, and sometime even plain painful but somewhere along the line there is always a hero on the horizon. He might not be prime or proper, a church going pretty boy since the author prefer rebellious men and women who don't follow the protocols of society.

One of her favorite saying are that only dead fish follow the stream and well she ain't no dead fish.

Phetra live together with her family, two children, a domestic partner and their two cats in Gothenburg, Sweden and when reading her books you will notice that she always finds a way of bringing her on culture into her books.

The joy of writing and reading comes from her childhood and is something she has always loved, something she is passionate to share with others. Phetra loves hearing from her readers even with ideas of what they want to come next.

If you are looking for her the best place to start looking for her is at home in the quietest corner of the house where you'll find her either curled up with her Kindle or her laptop typing away.
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Winner’s Prize: E-copies of Haven’s Revenge and Finding Home
Runner Up’s Prize: E-copy of Finding Home
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