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Queer Places: Linton Park

Address: Linton Park
Maidstone, Kent ME17
Regno Unito

Linton Park, formerly Linton Place or Linton Hall, is a large 18th-century country house in Linton, Kent, England. Built by Robert Mann in 1730 to replace an earlier building, the house and estate passed through the ownership of several members of Mann's family before coming into the Cornwallis family. The house was enlarged to its current size in 1825.

The house sits in a prominent location, part way down a south-facing slope which provides excellent views of the grounds and the Weald beyond. Gardens close to the house contain formal walks laid out in 1825 with specimen trees planted then and later.

The house is a Grade I listed building and the garden and park is listed Grade II*. Other buildings and structures in the park are also listed.

Linton Park is now the corporate headquarters of Camellia plc, an international agricultural company.

Sir Horace (Horatio) Mann, 1st Baronet KB (c.25 August 1706 - 6 November 1786), diplomat, was a long standing British resident in Florence. He was the second son of Robert Mann (1678–1751), a successful London merchant, and his wife. He was brought up at Chelsea, and educated at Eton College and later, briefly, at Clare College, Cambridge.

He kept an open house for British visitors at Florence, inviting them for conversazione when there was no performance at the theatre. His generosity and kindness was universally acknowledged, although his close friendship with the painter Thomas Patch (expelled from Rome after a homosexual incident) and with the effete John, 2nd Earl Tylney, reflected on his reputation. He met Horace Walpole (to whom he was distantly related, Mann's great-great-grandmother was the sister of an ancestress of Walpole) in 1739, and conducted a now-renowned correspondence with him over forty years, though they last met in 1741. The correspondence was published by Lord Dover in 1833.

William, 2nd Earl Fitzwilliam wrote that: “Sir Horace is the most finical man in the world: if you speak a little loud, he can’t bear it, it hurts his nerves, he dies – and he vomits If you eat your petite pate before your soup: take him as he is, without least notice, he is perfect character for the stage. He has been so long out of England, that he had lost the manliness of an Englishman, and has borrowed the effeminacy of Italy. But with all his little airs, he is a good kind of man, and is very civil.”

Detail from Tribuna of the Uffizi. On the right side, from left to right:Mr Gordon, Patch, Sir John Taylor Bt, Sir Horace Mann and in front, sitting, Felton Hervey (brother of John Hervey, 2nd Baron Hervey)

In 1775, on the death of his elder brother, Edward Louisa Mann, he inherited the Linton Park estate which his father had bought at Linton, Kent.

He died unmarried in Florence on 6 November 1786. His nephew Horace inherited his baronetcy by special remainder and also acted as Chargé d'affaires until the arrival of his replacement.

Mann Genealogy:

1. William Alston (ca. 1594 – 11 Jun 1641, buried in Chancel Marlesford Church) of Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, gent., was the son of William Alston of Gedding Hall, Polstead and Marian, daughter of Richard Holborow of Bulmer. He married 1) Avice (Avis) (b. ca. 28 Feb 1592-93 – 1633, buried in Woodbridge), daughter of Jeffrie Pytman (Jeferie or Jeffery Pitman) (1561-1627), the elder, Esq. of Woodbridge and Alice (Alles) on 21 May 1618 in Woodbridge. She was the sister of MARY PITMAN, great-grandmother of Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford 2) Margaret Groom (d. after Jun 1641), daughter of Henry Groom Gent of Ufford
1.1 Samuel Alston (11 Jan 1630 – ca. 21 Dec 1675, buried in Marlesford SFK) of Marlsford, married 1) Elizabeth Mann 2) Alice Nicholson
1.2 Thomas Alston (ca. 3 Jul 1631 in Woodbridge SFK - after 1712), married Anne Guilford of Chelsea widow
1.3 William Alston (b. ca. 5 Mar 1627/28 in Woodbridge SFK), married Margaret daughter of Mathew Hammond of Bury gent
1.4 Avice Alston (ca. 17 Dec 1620 in St Mary Woodbridge - 26 Apr 1656, buried in Thorpe Chertsey SRY), married Sir Thomas Foster, son of judge Robert Foster of Egham and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Burton of Bourne
1.5 Mary Alston (ca. 20 Nov 1632 in Woodbridge SFK – ca. 1 Sep 1633, buried in Woodbridge SFK)
1.6 Elizabeth Alston (b. ca. 17 Jan 1626/27), married Thomas Mann (ca. 7 Mar 1626/27 in St Mary Quay Ipswich - 1669), Esq., son of Edward Mann of Ipswich and Dorothy Mannock, about 1652 in St Mary Quay Ipswich.
1.6.1 John Mann Robert Mann, of Linton Place, Kent (d.1752) married Eleanor Guise, daughter of Christopher Guise, of Abbot’s Court, Glocs and Elizabeth Long. Children: Edward Louisa (1706-16 Dec 1775) James, of Egerton Lodge, nr Lenham, and later of Linton; married Lucy Mann Lucy (d. 29 Dec 1871); married 12 Apr 1810 Sir Matthew Blakiston, 3rd Bt. (13 May 1783-23 Dec 1862) Sophia Noel (d. 5 Jan 1882); married 3 Apr 1823 Sir Digby Mackworth, 4th Bt. (13 Jun 1789-8 Sep 1857) Mary; married 1789 Christopher Neville SIR HORACE (HORATIO) MANN, 1ST BARONET KB (c.25 August 1706 - 6 November 1786), diplomat, was a long standing British resident in Florence. He was the second son of Robert Mann (1678–1751), a successful London merchant, and his wife. He died unmarried in Florence on 6 November 1786. His nephew Horace inherited his baronetcy by special remainder and also acted as Chargé d'affaires until the arrival of his replacement. Galfridus Mann (1706 – 20 or 21 Dec 1756), twin brother of Sir Horace Mann; married Sarah Gregory Sir Horatio (Horace) Mann, 2nd Baronet (2 February 1744 – 2 April 1814) was an English MP. He is remembered as a member of the Hambledon Club in Hampshire and a patron of Kent cricket. He was an occasional player but rarely in first-class matches. Married in 1765 Lady Lucy Noel. Children: Lucy; married 1786 James Mann, of Egerton Lodge. Emily; married 1792 Sir Robert Heron, Bt. Harriet; married 29 Jul 1801 Rochford Alice (31 May 1739 - 1775); married John Apthorpe Sarah (1740-1761) Catharine (1742 - 17 Apr 1811); married in Lambeth Chapel 30 Apr 1771 Rt. Rev. Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, later, 4th Earl Cornwallis (London 25 Feb 1743 - Richmond 20 Jan 1824) James Cornwallis, 5th Earl Cornwallis, took surname Mann on inheriting Linton (20 Sep 1778 - Linton 21 May 1852); married 1) in London 18 Dec 1804 Maria Isabella Dickens (d. 16 Jan 1823); 2) in London 22 Jan 1829 Laura Hayes (d. London 3 Aug 1840); 3) in Croydon 4 Aug 1842 Julia Bacon (d. St.Leonards-on-Sea 4 Nov 1847); Galfridus Mann's will entailed his estate in such a way that if his son Horace died without sons, as did happen, the estate would go to Galfridus' daughters and their heirs by seniority before it went to Horace's daughters. Charles James, Viscount Brome (17 Dec 1813 - Linton 27 Dec 1835) Charles Wykeham-Martin DL (11 September 1801 – October 1870), of Leeds Castle, was an English Liberal Party politician who sat in the House of Commons in two periods between 1841 and 1870. Martin was born Charles Wykeham the son of Fiennes Wykeham of Leeds Castle Maidstone and his wife Eliza Bignell, daughter of R. Bignell. Martin married firstly on 12 Apr 1828, Lady Jemima Isabella Cornwallis (d. 17 Dec 1836), daughter of James Mann, 5th Earl Cornwallis. She died in 1836 and he married secondly in 1838, Matilda Trollope daughter of Sir John Trollope, 6th Baronet. His son Philip was MP for Rochester. His second son Fiennes took the surname Cornwallis in 1859 by Royal license in accordance with an inheritance from Caroline Cornwallis. Major Fiennes Cornwallis, born Fiennes Wykeham-Martin (1 November 1831 – 24 April 1867), was a British Army officer and related to the Cornwallis family. Son of Charles Wykeham Martin M.P. and Lady Jemima Isabella (née Mann) and was educated at Eton College. Major Cornwallis, Married Harriet Elizabeth (née Mott), daughter of John Thomas Mott on 29 July 1863 and had 4 children. The eldest became 1st Baron Cornwallis. United Kingdom Fiennes Stanley Wykeham Cornwallis, 1st Baron Cornwallis CBE TD JP DL (27 May 1864 – 26 September 1935), was a British Conservative politician. He was the eldest son of Fiennes Cornwallis and Harriet Elizabeth (née Mott). Lord Cornwallis married Mabel Leigh, daughter of Oswald Peter Leigh, in 1886. They had seven children, three sons and four daughters. Fiennes Wykeham Mann Cornwallis was killed in Ireland in May 1921 during the Irish War of Independence. Lord Cornwallis was succeeded in the barony by his second son, Wykeham Stanley. Lady Cornwallis died in 1957. Lady Julia Mann (d. 1 Sep 1883); married 27 Aug 1862 William Archer Amherst, Viscount Holmesdale, [later, Earl Amherst]; they inherited Linton. Eleanor (d. Clifton Jan 1823); married 31 Mar 1772 Thomas Powis, cr 1797 Lord Lilford (4 May 1743 - London 26 Jan 1800) Thomas Powys, 2nd Lord Lilford (8 Apr 1775 - 4 Jul 1825); married 5 Dec 1797 Anna Maria Atherton (d.11 Aug 1820) à issue Rev. Hon. Littleton Powys (23 Jan 1781 - 22 Jan 1842); married 24 Jul 1809 Penelope Hatsell (d. 22 Nov 1864) Littleton Powys, later Hatsell-Powys (d.10 Aug 1878) Rev. Hon. Frederick Powys (13 Mar 1782 - 21 Dec 1850); married 15 Oct 1807 Mary Gould (d. 19 Jan 1837) à issue Hon. Henry Powys (d. of wounds received at Picurina Apr 1812) Hon. Eleanor Powys (d. 10 Dec 1854); married 1800 Rev. Hon. Richard Bruce Stopford James Eleanor; married Sir John Toriano Eleanor; married John Martin (1725-1767) Mary; married Benjamin Hatley Foote (d. Malling Abbey, Kent 1791) George Talbot Hatley Foote, of Malling Abbey (1745-1821) John Foote; married Eleanor Martin; he had issue including: Eleanor Foote; married Sir Brook Bridges, Bt. Harriet Foote; married Rev. Edward Bridges Catharine; married Rev. Francis Hender Foote (d. 1773) Francis Foote (d. young) John Foote, of Charlton Place, Kent (1755-1800); married Mary Cocket Robert Foote, of Charlton Place (b. 15 May 1783); married Charlotte Augusta Keppel Edward James Foote (d. 1824) à issue, a daughter John Foote; m. Fanny Pengelby à issue Mary Foote; married 1st Daniel Libson; 2nd Charles Patrick Adeline Foote; married Major Barrington Rev. Robert Foote (1757-1805); married Anne Yate Sir Edward James Foote (b. 20 Apr 1767); married 1st Nina Herries; 2nd Mary Patton à issue Caroline Foote (d. 1778) Catherine Foote; married 1st Col. Ross; 2nd Sir Robert Herries Mary Foote (d. 1789)
1.7 Catherine (Cattren) Alston (b. ca. 10 Feb 1623/24 in St Mary Woodbridge)
1.8 Alice Alston (ca. 1 May 1623 in Woodbridge SFK - 1673)


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