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2016 Rainbow Awards: The Best Laid Plans by Lauren Gallagher (006-02-16-2016)

The Best Laid Plans by Lauren Gallagher
Bisexual Contemporary Romance
Paperback: 274 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (February 16, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1619234068
ISBN-13: 978-1619234062
Amazon: The Best Laid Plans
Amazon Kindle: The Best Laid Plans

It's a foolproof strategy...until the emotional balance shifts. After yet another adoption falls through, Gabe is ready to give up, and Shahid isn't far behind him. Apparently, being a gay couple-half of which is Muslim-is just one strike too many for the powers that be. When their friend Kendra offers to carry their baby for them, both men balk at first, but gradually warm to the idea. Especially Gabe, whose bisexuality is open to the chemistry among the three of them. The plan seems simple. Kendra and Gabe, foregoing the cold, impersonal IVF clinic, paperwork and red tape, will conceive the old-fashioned way. They'll all share parenting responsibilities, and live happily baby after. But as the heat flares between Gabe and Kendra, Shahid's long-suppressed insecurities bubble to the surface. Then some unexpected news catches the trio off guard and derails their plans-and now one heart could be left out in the cold. Warning: Authors subsist on the tears of readers. Please recycle your hankies by wringing out and reusing. We'd hate to be the cause of a worldwide shortage of Kleenex.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/rainbow_awards_2016.html

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