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2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Every Breath I Take by J.P. Bowie (117-06-03-2016)

A well-written romance with enough tension to keep me reading along to discover how it was all going to turn out at the end. I would have enjoyed more detail to setting, there was enough here that I didn’t feel like I had to work the whole time I was reading, trying to imagine those details for myself but I could have used more. I realize that’s an issue within the genre as there are many readers who don’t like much or any setting details. That being said, I’m selfish and greedy, and therefore always asking for more. : ) While the characters all felt real and I became invested in what happened to them, for me, there were perhaps too many POV’s for such a short novella length book. I would have preferred less in this size word count, or perhaps a longer book to allow the reader more time with and insight into each character. This felt like a second book in a series, so perhaps there is more to be found in an earlier work. I did appreciate that while this felt like a sequel to another book, the author provided enough backstory that I never felt lost in this book. All in all, well done!

Every Breath I Take (All I'll Ever Need #2) by J.P. Bowie
Gay Erotic Romance
Publisher: Pride Publishing (April 5, 2016)
Amazon Kindle: Every Breath I Take (All I'll Ever Need #2)

Troy Kendall was a bad boy, an addict with attitude, but, since Detective Mark McLennan entered his life, all he wants to do is help others—even if they really don’t want him to.

Life for a recovering drug addict isn’t easy. Fortunately for Troy Kendall, he has handsome Detective Mark McLennan to lean on for love and support. When Mark asks Troy to move in with him, Troy is over the moon, sure that now his future will be everything he has dreamed of.

Now that he’s able to think about the bigger picture without himself as the main feature, he starts taking an interest in others. Like his ex-roommate Kevin. Troy feels a bit guilty about finding happiness when it’s obvious Kevin is lonely and miserable. Or Teresa, the food server working at the corner diner. Troy is sure she’s a victim of domestic abuse.

Ignoring Mark’s opinion that he’s being annoyingly nosy, Troy goes on a mission to try to help those he feels are lacking in the happiness department. He’s given excuses from Teresa when he asks her how she came by all the cuts and bruises he sees her suffering from on a daily basis. Is it the boyfriend or her domineering father who’s making Teresa’s life a misery?

After a conversation over a drink with Kevin, he’s worried that his ex-roomie is on the verge of signing up for gay conversion therapy. When Kevin goes missing, Troy and Mark along with Kevin’s new roommate, Roger, go on a search that leads them to a basement in the suburbs where a homophobic couple are holding Kevin captive.

Is Troy’s plan to find happiness for others doomed to failure? Or can he and his friends change the course of disaster both Kevin and Teresa are on?

Rainbow Awards Guidelines: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/rainbow_awards_2016.html

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