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2016 Rainbow Awards: State of Art

2016 Rainbow Awards submissions started on February 15, 2016 (4 months ago) and will close on September 5, 2016 (still 2 months and half). At today we have a total of 149 submissions which raised a total of 4.500$ to charity. I decided to post the trend of submissions, so that if you are still thinking if and where to post, you have a feeling of the competition:

Transgender: 5 Submissions
Alternative Universe/Reality 1
- The Servant Duchess Of Whitcomb (Scandalous Whispers Of the Remmington Realm #2) Vicktor Alexander
Fantasy Romance 1
- The Complete Horse Mistress Collection R.A. Steffan
Sci-fi / Futuristic 2
- Perihelion Tami Veldura
- Artifact of Foex James L. Wolf
Young Adult 1
- Spy Stuff Matthew J. Metzger

Bisexual: 8 Submissions
Contemporary Romance 4
- The Best Laid Plans Lauren Gallagher
- Lucky Starflowers Kate Pavelle
- Between Ghosts Garrett Leigh
- What Remains Garrett Leigh
Fantasy 2
- King of the Storm B. A. Brock
- Counsel of the Wicked Elizabeth A. Schechter
Fantasy Romance 1
- The Journey of Jimini Renn April Kelley
Young Adult 1
- Seven Tears at High Tide CB Lee

Lesbian: 27 Submissions
Anthology / Collection / Contemporary Romance 1
- It's Only Love: A Short Story Collection Diane Marina
Contemporary General Fiction 3
- Backcast Ann McMan
- The Dance Suzie Carr
- It Pours C.D. Cain
Contemporary Romance 10
- Stuck Landing Lauren Gallagher
- Love on The Red Rocks Lisa Moreau
- Small Town Angel K’Anne Meinel
- Fast Lane Jennis Slaughter & A. D. Campbell
- Doctored K’Anne Meinel
- Deal-Breaker Siri Caldwell
- Getting Back Cindy Rizzo
- Winter's Harbor Aurora Rey
- Built to Last Aurora Rey
- A Kiss Before Dawn Laurie Salzler
Fantasy 2
- The Dowry Blade Cherry Potts
- Hekolatis' Promise T.J. Mindancer
Fantasy Romance 2
- SkyWhisperers Natasja Hellenthal
- Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory Barbara Ann Wright
Historical Romance 1
- Pirated Love K’Anne Meinel
Mystery / Thriller 4
- Four Point Max Ellendale
- Minacious Malice (Malice #19) K’Anne Meinel
- The XYZ Mysteries Iza Moreau
- Cold to the Touch Cari Hunter
Paranormal Romance 2
- The Awakening Dawn Carter
- Have a Bite R.G. Emanuelle
Romantic Comedy 1
- Love Bites Lila Bruce
Romantic Suspence 1
- Love's Redemption Donna K. Ford

Gay: 109 Submissions
Alternative Universe/Reality 1
- Whither Thou Goest Tinnean
Anthology / Collection / Contemporary Romance 1
- Leather Wishes – The Adventures of the Fancy Man Julian Keys
Anthology / Collection / Erotica 1
- The Biggest Lover R. Jackson
Contemporary General Fiction 3
- The Imperfection of Swans Brandon Witt
- Jonathan’s Promise (Jonathan Trilogy #2) Hans M. Hirschi
- The House on Fremont Drive Jere' M. Fishback
Contemporary Romance 26
- Indigo Road R.J. Jones
- Rain Shadow L.A. Witt
- Hawaiian Orchid Meg Amor
- Behr Facts and When Adam Fell (2 novellas as 1 submission) Pat Henshaw
- Under a Sky of Ash Brandon Witt
- Cross to Bare Susan Mac Nicol
- Flying Solo Susan Mac Nicol
- Best Laid Plans Tinnean
- In My Heart (An Infatuation & A Shooting Star, 2 novellas as 1 submission) Joe Cosentino
- Bouncing Back (Cozzi Cove #1) Joe Cosentino
- The Boys of Summer Sarah Madison
- Loving the Master Lynn Kelling
- Until September Chris Scully
- The ‘True Love’ Solution Julie Bozza
- ’Til Death Do Us Part Addison Albright
- Prince of the Playhouse Tara Lain
- A Fortunate Blizzard L.C. Chase
- Wyatt’s Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
- Surfacing Daniel Stephens
- Signs of Desire Tempeste O’Riley
- Dreamers’ Destiny Tempeste O’Riley
- More Than Love Amelia Bishop
- Tumbled E.E. Grey
- Signs of Life Melanie Hansen
- Unquiet Melanie Hansen
- Red Envelope & Herc and Pyotr (two novellas as 1 submission) Atom Yang
Erotic Romance 7
- Not Safe For Work L.A. Witt
- Loving Jordan: The Complete Trilogy Andrea Dalling
- Dom of Ages K.C. Wells and Parker Williams
- To Live Again L.A. Witt
- Hiatus L.A. Witt
- Every Breath I Take (All I'll Ever Need #2) J.P. Bowie
- Kestrel's Talon (The Stonewatchers #1) Bey Deckard
Fantasy 2
- Mantled in Mist Rory Ni Coileain
- Shadows and Light Cari Z.
Fantasy Romance 6
- Adoni Rider Jacobs
- Sleight of Heart Aisling Mancy
- Driven Snow Tara Lain
- Song of Souls (Terra #3) S.J. Frost
- Rag and Bone K.J. Charles
- Tempest Cari Z.
Historical 4
- Games of Rome (Dominus #2) J. P. Kenwood
- Across Your Dreams Jay Lewis Taylor
- Re-Inventing Love Storm Grant
- Through the Baltic Looking-Glass Lara Biyuts
Historical Romance 9
- Broken Blades Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt
- Darling James Tinnean
- The Innocent Auction Victoria Sue
- Beloved Unmasked Brita Addams
- Yesterday Mickie B. Ashling
- A Tested Love Kayla Jameth
- Need Your Love Dean Pace-Frech
- A Gentleman's Position K.J. Charles
- A Seditious Affair K.J. Charles
Humor 2
- Drama Muscle (Nicky and Noah Mystery #2) Joe Cosentino
- Forty Wild Crushes: stories Jim Provenzano
Mystery / Thriller 7
- Love and Pain W.S. Long
- Murder in the Desert (A Nick Fallon Investigation #5) J.P. Bowie
- A Solitary Man Aisling Mancy & Shira Anthony
- Haven’s Creed Parker Williams
- Backlash Jack L. Pyke
- Caged Jaye Lynn Kelling
- In Deep Adam Fitzroy
Paranormal Romance 15
- A Royal Craving Elaine White
- Shifting Chaos Elizabeth Noble
- Truth and Consequences Sarah Madison
- Driven Nicholas Kinsley
- Love is for the Living Nicholas Kinsley
- Elemental Love L.M. Somerton
- Omega Born C.R. Guiliano
- Whiskers of a Chance Tempeste O’Riley
- Stealing Dragon's Heart Susan Laine
- Hexbreaker Jordan L. Hawk
- Behind the Eight Ball (Fur, Fangs, and Felines #2) M.A. Church
- Demon Duke (Paranormal Noble #2) S.J. Frost
- The Tenth Muse Belinda McBride
- Stumptown Spirits E.J. Russell
- The Promise Victoria Sue
Romantic Comedy 3
- Love on the Jersey Shore Richard Natale
- Moving Forward (Cozzi Cove #2) Joe Cosentino
- Groomzilla & Groomzilla Does Vegas Tere Michaels
Romantic Suspence 6
- If The Seas Catch Fire L.A. Witt
- Vegas Sin Jambrea Jo Jones
- Tackling the Tight End Tara Lain
- The Art of Hero Worship Mia Kerick
- Broken Soldier Jamie Lynn Miller
- Just the Thought of You (Mann of My Dreams #3) Tinnean
Sci-fi / Futuristic 6
- Darkness Eternal (Refuge Inc. #5) Leslie Lee Sanders
- Song of Song L. J. LaBarthe
- Succession Alicia Cameron
- Waking Jamal Amberly Smith
- Strange Times Clancy Nacht
- Where There's A Will Cari Z.
Young Adult 10
- Sire Kate Pavelle
- Banished Sons of Poseidon Andrew J. Peters
- Fjord Blue Nina Rossing
- Spanish Bay Hans M. Hirschi
- Clean Mia Kerick
- Throwing Stones Robin Reardon
- Thárros C. Kennedy
- Fake It (The Keswick Chronicles #1) Victoria Kinnaird
- Private Matthew J. Metzger
- The Italian Word for Kisses Matthew J. Metzger

Please notice for a category to be eligible it has to have a minimum of 5 books, otherwise it will be combined with similar categories.

"Air de Capri" is a 1923 painting by Gerda Wegener, with Gerda herself and her husband, transgender male to female, Lili Elbe

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