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2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Dance by Suzie Carr (126-06-04-2016)

1) Nicely written story. Learned a lot about bees. The characters were well developed and I liked them all. Would have liked Sophie better if she was a little less harsh with Jacky but she came around.

2) I thought this was a lovely tale of moving on after a bereavement. I ached for Jacky and Sophie, caught in their web of grief, and loved it when Brooke managed to untangle the threads so that they could love again.

The Dance by Suzie Carr
Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: Sunny Bee Books, LLC (February 6, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0986388149
ISBN-13: 978-0986388149
Amazon: The Dance
Amazon Kindle: The Dance

The Dance is a book about love, family and friendship, and learning how to dance with life’s constant spin. Dog trainer Jacky Applebaum is focused on one thing – making up for a grave misunderstanding that damaged her relationship with her fifteen-year old stepdaughter Sophie. They are suffocating under the pressure of hurt and guilt. Old wounds begin to heal between them when a spirited beekeeper named Brooke Hastings contracts Jacky to train her overly-protective dog, Bee. A mutual affinity grows instantly between them, an affinity Jacky won’t allow herself to embrace. But, the heart knows what it needs. Meanwhile, Brooke hires Sophie as her assistant in the bee apiary. A trust forms, and soon Sophie begins to feel alive again as she comes face-to-face with the many parallels between her and the honeybees she nurtures. Just as they learn to open up and dance with life again, a hurtful truth reveals itself. Will this truth set them free or unravel all they’ve come to learn about life?

Rainbow Awards Guidelines: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/rainbow_awards_2016.html

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