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2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: His Rules (174-07-13-2016)

This is a powerful collection of BDSM stories told from various points of view. The stories explore not only the physical side of BDSM, but also the different and widely varied emotional experiences that bring people to the scene. Although most of the stories are hotter than he—, several of them have excellent plots that would work independently of the sex. A very enjoyable collection.

His Rules by L.M. Somerton, Sean Michael, Morticia Knight, Lily Harlem, S Dora, Samantha Cayto
Gay Anthology / Collection / Erotic Romance
Paperback: 274 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing (May 24, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1786513447
ISBN-13: 978-1786513441
Amazon: His Rules
Amazon Kindle: His Rules

Time Out
Val and Chaz broke up after Chaz safeworded unnecessarily during a scene. Can they find a way to come back together?

Strict Consequences
One proposition, one night. Could it be the beginning of a forever after for a Master and sub?

Tagging Mackenzie
Achieving a Dom’s undivided attention can have unpredictable consequences.

Bad Idea
Bad ideas can sometimes be the best!

A dangerous game turns into unexpected pleasure…

Earning his Leathers
Call him old-fashioned, but Connor believes a Dom should earn his leathers.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/rainbow_awards_2016.html

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