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2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Lesbian Sci-fi / Futuristic

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1) Starless Nights (Dark Horizons #2) by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly - Gender: Lesbian - Genre: Sci-fi / Futuristic
Series: Dark Horizons
Paperback: 218 pages
Publisher: Desert Palm Press; 1 edition (September 29, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1517503663
ISBN-13: 978-1517503666
Amazon: Starless Nights (Dark Horizons #2)
Amazon Kinlde: Starless Nights (Dark Horizons #2)

A taut plot filled with nonstop action. Clear, crisp prose, and a diverse cast of excellent characters. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

2) Paladins of the Storm Lord by Barbara Ann Wright - Gender: Lesbian - Genre: Sci-fi / Futuristic
3) A Quantum Convergence (Nexus Trilogy #1) by C.A. Farlow - Gender: Lesbian - Genre: Sci-fi / Futuristic

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