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2016 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Young Adult

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Foxes by Suki Fleet - Gender: Gay - Genre: Young Adult
Paperback: 274 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 8, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1634769201
ISBN-13: 978-1634769204
Amazon: Foxes
Amazon Kindle: Foxes

1) Excellent writing. Suki Fleet is one of the best in the genre. Enthralling tale.

2) Beautifully crafted story that brought tears to my eyes several times. The author is to be commended for drawing a portrait of hope and love for homeless youth.

3) I try hard to think a rating through when it’s very high or very low. I know a perfect ten might at times seem too much, but I just couldn’t find any fault while reading this story. It’s rare to find a book that’s so dark, realistic, and genuine that it makes you cry and shudder and be thankful for everything you’ve got, while planting and nurturing the seed of so much hope. Danny is one of the most engaging and lovable characters I ran across in a while. His search for Dashiel’s killer, his relationships with people in his life, new and old, his quirks, his rambling minds, his struggle to express himself in an environment so harsh, it made me feel cold, physically, while reading, his pure love for Micky and his worry he might be too much, too creepy, everything is so carefully thought out and written, that you can truly imagine this young person, roaming the dreary streets of East London, hunting for sharks. Micky’s character is as well developed as Danny’s, even if he’s more of a project of discovery as you read the book. The lost friend, Dashiel, although present only through Danny’s thoughts and memories, and a few random comments from other minor characters, is as well developed as those still living. Foxes paints a picture of life on the streets of London of young runaways or kids thrown out by their families, as they mingle with predators, other homeless adults, the occasional generous soul, and the thousands and thousands of people who overlook them, unless they want something from them. Foxes does not judge anyone. Not the alcoholic vet, not the creepy, crazy-acting medical professional that Danny suspects of murder, not the actual killer, or the victim. It’s the type of story that, when you’re done reading, has shown you everything in great detail, and lets you decide what you think. Danny and Micky are the most improbably couple I’ve ever read. Although I hoped that somehow they’d be alright in the end, together or apart, I truly feared it wouldn’t happen. The predators roaming the streets at night, illness, hunger, lack of proper shelter, mysterious pasts, everything was stacked against them. I cried and I hoped, and wondered why the world allows young men to live like this, in such poverty and such danger. Foxes will stay with me for a long time, and that’s the most you can ask of a book once you’re done with it. That it makes you think, that it inspires you, and touches your soul.

4) Fleet’s words are magical and enthralling and I was hooked on this story from the first sentence. Don’t come into this expecting a sweet, or short, love story. There is a lot of angst in Foxes. I don’t usually enjoy angst but I loved it here.

2. The Italian Word for Kisses by Matthew J. Metzger - Gender: Gay - Genre: Young Adult
3. Private by Matthew J. Metzger - Gender: Gay - Genre: Young Adult

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