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Robert T. Odeman (November 30, 1904 – January 14, 1985)

Robert T. Odeman was a gay German classical pianist, actor, writer, and composer. He was a Holocaust survivor.
Born: November 30, 1904, Hamburg, Germany
Died: January 14, 1985, Berlin, Germany

Robert T. Odeman was a German classical pianist, actor, writer, and composer. He was a Holocaust survivor. In 1922, at the age of 17, Odeman met his first love, architecture student Martin Ulrich Eppendorf, who went by the name Muli. The two shared a close relationship for 10 years until Muli's death. A year after Muli’s death, in 1933, Odeman became musical director of the New Theater in Hamburg. In 1935, Odeman opened a cabaret in Hamburg, which was shut down a year later by the Nazis, who claimed it was politically subversive. Odeman's boyfriend, a bookseller, was pressured by the Gestapo to denounce him in 1937 and he was arrested under Paragraph 175, which outlawed homosexual acts between men. Odeman was sentenced to 27 months in prison, which he spent first in Plötzensee and then in various Berlin prisons. In 1959, Odeman met the 25-year-old Günter Nöring, with whom he lived until his death. Since the two were unable to marry, Odeman adopted his younger partner.
Together from 1959 to 1985: 26 years.
Günter Odeman-Nöring (born 1934)
Martin Ulrich Eppendorf (died in 1932)
Martin Hoyer aka Robert T. Odeman (November 30, 1904 – January 14, 1985)

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