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Victor Stiebel (March 14, 1907 – February 6, 1976)

Victor Frank Stiebel was a South African-born British couturier. A founder member of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers, he was among the top ten designers in Britain in the war and post-war years.
Born: 1907, Durban, South Africa
Died: 1976, London, United Kingdom
Education: University of Cambridge
Lived: 4 Chichester Terrace, Brighton BN2 1FG, UK (50.81617, -0.11415)
Books: South African childhood
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Victor Stiebel was a South African-born British couturier. Richard Addinsell was a British composer, best known for film music, primarily his Warsaw Concerto, composed for the 1941 film Dangerous Moonlight. Date of when their relationship started is vague, but it is recorded that “on the evening of March 27, 1965, after months of pain, Winnie Ashton rallied from her sickbed sufficiently to tie a purple nylon scarf around her head and to dab on some lipstick. She called for her old friends, Dick Addinsell and designer Victor Stiebel, to come to her home at 1 Draycott Place in Chelsea for a kind of farewell party” Declining health forced Addinsell to retire in 1965. Following the death of Stiebel, in 1976, the frail composer became even more withdrawn. He died little more than one year later, in 1977. In 1999 it was revealed that the royalties for Warsaw Concerto had belonged to the parents of author Jilly Cooper, whose brother advanced the theory that Addinsell - for many years their neighbor - gave it to them as thanks for being discreet about his relationship with Stiebel.
Together from (before) 1965 to 1976: 11 years.
Richard Stewart Addinsell (January 13, 1904 - November 14, 1977)
Victor Stiebel (1907- 1976)

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
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The first owner of 4 Chichester Terrace was George Ashburner. As with many who subsequently lived in the house he had strong connections with India although he’d been born in Llandaff, Wales in 1810.
Address: 4 Chichester Terrace, Brighton BN2 1FG, UK (50.81617, -0.11415)
Type: Private Property
Previous owners of 4 Chichester Terrace were: George Ashburner: 1848 – 1863, Edward Wigram: 1863 – 1870, Catherine Wigram: 1870 – 1876 and Thomas Cundy III, 1878 – 1885. Richard Addinsell, the witty, urbane and prolific composer of light popular music who wrote an international hit with the Warsaw Concerto, lived in the penthouse of No. 4 Chichester Terrace until his death in 1977. He shared the flat with his partner Victor Stiebel, who was one of the leading coutouriers of the time and a founder member of the Incorporated Society of Fashion Designers.
Who: Richard Addinsell (January 13, 1904 – November 14, 1977) and Victor Stiebel (1907-1976)
Richard Addinsell had flourished in the pre-war and post-war theatrical era when revue was one of its most popular forms of entertainment and from the mid-twenties, when he wrote the score for “The Charlot Revue of 1926”, Addinsell was one of he most sought after contributors to the genre. He cotributed songs for songs for Noel Coward’s “Sigh No More” and Arthur Macrae’s “Living For Pleasure” and the entire score for Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure” and for all her succeeding one-woman shows. He also wrote the incidental music for many other theatre shows including Emlyn Williams’ “Trespass” and Jean Anouilh’s “Ring Round the Moon”. Addinsell composed many film scores including “Goodbye Mr Chips”, “Beau Brummel”, “Blythe Spirit” and “The Prince and the Show Girl”. But it was his theme music for the film “Dangerous Moonlight” which provided the greatest hit of his career. This was ”The Warsaw Concerto” which was to become a worldwide hit in its own right. Vidtor Stiebel, Addinsell’s partner, was renowned for the restrained elegance of his designs and along with the other leading coutouriers of his time including Edward Molyneux, Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies did much to establish the British look in the world of international fashion. He also designed for a number of leading English theatre stars including Vivien Leigh and Margaret Leighton and frequently designed the clothes of leading ladies in various stage productions as well as having contracts with such commercial design firms such as Jacqmar. Addinsell and Stiebel enetrtained many glamorous friends in their Chichester Terrace penthouse including Noel Coward, Clemence Dane, Vivien Leigh, Margaret Leighton and Joyce Grenfell.

Queer Places, Vol. 1 edited by Elisa Rolle
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