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Maria Nys (September 10, 1899 – February 12, 1955)

Born: September 10, 1899
Died: February 12, 1955
Buried: Compton Village Cemetery, Compton, Guildford Borough, Surrey, England
Spouse: Aldous Huxley (m. 1919–1955)
Children: Matthew Huxley
Grandchildren: Trevenen Huxley, Tessa Huxley

The Watts Cemetery Chapel is a chapel and in an Art Nouveau version of Celtic Revival style in the village cemetery of Compton in Surrey. It is a Grade I listed building. When Compton Parish Council created a new cemetery, local resident artist Mary Fraser-Tytler, the wife of Victorian era painter and sculptor George Frederic Watts, offered to design and build a new mortuary chapel. A group of local amateurs and enthusiasts, many of whom later went on with Mary Fraser-Tytler to found the Compton Potters' Arts Guild, constructed the chapel from 1896 to 1898; virtually every village resident was involved. Both Watts have memorials in the "cloister" a few yards from the chapel, and a number of the memorials throughout the small cemetery use unglazed terracotta, even from dates after the Compton Pottery closed in the 1950s. Members of the Huxley family, including Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) and his wife Maria Nys (1898-1955), are buried within the cemetery (Down Ln, Compton, Guildford GU3 1DN).

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