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This is is a very special gift my friend Paul Richmond is doing to this blog and the Rainbow Awards. As you all know, the pin-up boy of the Rainbow Awards, with the special E tattoo on his arm, has been created by Paul specifically for the Rainbow Awards, and now he created a black and white version you can download and color :-) So please enjoy Paul's new book AND this special gift.


Thanks so much for welcoming me to your blog again, Elisa! You were one of the very first people to share my early Cheesecake Boy paintings on your blog, and you encouraged me to explore the publishing world because you thought my work should be on books. I'm happy to report that I've done over four hundred book covers since that conversation, so you might have been onto something! And today, I am super excited to be here sharing a new project, my very first coloring book which was released this week by Dreamspinner Press featuring our old friends, the Cheesecake Boys!

I started the series years ago because I was fascinated with pinup art from the 40’s and 50’s and wanted to reimagine the concept from a gay male perspective. The hilarious scenarios that artists like Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm concocted to disrobe their female subjects never seemed to be applied to male models. I thought that needed to change!

Cheesecake Boys - An Adult Coloring Book casts hot male models in skin-baring poses that were typically reserved for women. It contains 22 original pinup boy illustrations featuring men accidentally exposing their underwear and more in overtly-contrived wardrobe malfunction scenes that include dog-walking, grocery shopping, and working out. I've been sharing some of the images online through my website and coloring enthusiasts around the world have begun making their mark. It’s such a thrill to see how people are building upon the simple lines to create imaginative, colorful, and totally unique pieces of art. I absolutely love seeing all the different interpretations!

Elisa, I wanted to celebrate our history together by making a special free coloring page for you to share with your readers. I was honored when you asked me to create a Cheesecake Boy illustration for the Rainbow Awards a while back. Today I've turned him into a line drawing that anyone can download and color however they'd like - crayons, colored pencils, paint, GLITTER...the possibilities are endless! And those who prefer to color digitally should feel free to load him into their favorite coloring apps. The drawing is formatted so it works well with the Recolor app, so that's a good one to try for anyone who has never colored digitally before.

I would love to see everyone's creations, so please post them to social media with the hashtag #PAULRICHMONDSTUDIO. Everyone's invited to join my Hello Pauly group on Facebook too where people are sharing their Cheesecake Boy masterpieces: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1131241860229354

I've always wanted to make a coloring book, and I am SO grateful to Dreamspinner Press for helping me make that dream come true! You can pick up the book now at a 25% discount through Feb. 18!

Purchase links for Cheesecake Boys - An Adult Coloring Book from Dreamspinner Press:
Standard ($12.99) - https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/cheesecake-boys-an-adult-coloring-book-by-paul-richmond-8212-b
Signed Edition ($14.99) - https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/cheesecake-boys-an-adult-coloring-book-signed-edition-by-paul-richmond-8214-b

Find out more at cheesecakeboy.com.

Cheesecake Boys YouTube video:


Paul Richmond’s career has included exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States as well as publication in numerous art journals and anthologies. His work is collected by individuals around the globe. He recently displayed his expressive oil painting series War Paint at the Evansville Museum of Art in Indiana as well as completing two commissions for James Franco to be used in his upcoming film The Long Home. He is the Associate Art Director for Dreamspinner Press and co-founder of the You Will Rise Project, an organization that empowers those who have experienced bullying to speak out creatively through the language, visual, and performing arts. He lives with his husband Dennis and two whippets in Monterey, California.

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