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Man Candy Day: Kaolin Bass & James Lopez

So here is the story I promised last week. I "met" Kaolin and James since they are friends of one of my past men candy (let you guess who...). I was immediately taken by the image of this wonderful couple snuggling in a park bench... for sure if I was there, I wouldn't called the cops to make them stop, instead I would bought a bowl of pop corn and enjoyed the show! (yes, I know, it's not right to drool over two private lovers, but they are too cute for their own good!)

Kaolin Bass, 28 years old, was born in Germantowm, Tennessee. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the American Repertory Theatre / Moscow Art Theatre School and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Adelphi University. Recently he has appeared in such productions as "Up and Over," "Lady Luck," "Black Codes," "Ugly Betty, " and “As The World Turns.” Kaolin is also a member of Actors Equity Association.

In August 2006 Kaolin played Hero's vice president and the power behind the throne, in We Love You, Johnny Hero. At the end of 2007 he was hooking up in Tom Cruise, Get Off The Couch at Emerging Artists Theatre. In March of this year he played in Walter Thinnes’s Meeting Without End and in June in Generic Hispanic by Noemi de la Puente, directed by Tlaloc Rivas.

With a smile like that... he can open all the right doors!

James Lopez, 32 years old, is from Houston, Texas. He played Old Johnny Hero in We Love You, Johnny Hero with Kaolin. Before that he was in the Thirteenth Street Repertory Company's production of "Elevator Face" as Harold. James holds a Master in Fine Arts in Vocal Performance from The New England Conservatory of Music and a BFA in Vocal Performance from the University of Houston. He has also performed in the Texas Music Festival 2005 Young Artists Program and the Brevard Music Center. His primary voice teacher has been W. Stephen Smith and he has performed master classes with Pierre Vlaet, Arlene Shrut, Elly Ameling, and John Moriarty.

Sweet face and probably wonderful voice (given his study)... what can you ask more?

Kaolin and James have been in a committed relationship for two years.

In February 2007 the Sunday Style section commissioned an article called Public Displays of Affection. The article refers to the fact that people in New York are still uncomfortable with seeing gay people kissing in public. Photographer Rahav Segev was asked to shoot James Lopez and Kaolin Bass kissing around the city and to meet them in Trump tower. Doisneau's famous picture of the couple kissing in front of the cafe immediately sprang to mind as well as Eisenstaedt's iconic image in Times Square at the end of the 2nd world war for Life magazine. With that in mind Rahav Segev did the shoot.

Finally last April, ABC News asked Kaolin and James, to sit on park benches in Verona, N.J., and then in Birmingham, Ala., to see if there were any differences in reaction among passersby in the two regions of the country.

Gay Couples Kissing: Bystander Reactions

@MySpace – Kaolin
@MySpace – James
@ABC News
@Sunday Times

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