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Heinz Heger (January 25, 1915 - March 25, 1994)

Josef Kohout was an Austrian Nazi concentration camp survivor, imprisoned for his homosexuality. He is known best for the 1972 book Die Männer mit dem rosa Winkel, which was written by his acquaintance ...
Born: 1917, Vienna, Austria
Died: 1994, Vienna, Austria
Buried: Baumgarten, Vienna, Wien Stadt, Vienna (Wien), Austria
Find A Grave Memorial# 159297058
Books: The men with the pink triangle

Cemetery: Josef Kohout (1915–1994) was an Austrian Nazi concentration camp survivor, imprisoned for his homosexuality. He is known best for the 1972 book “Die Männer mit dem rosa Winkel” (The Men With the Pink Triangle), which was written by his acquaintance Hans Neumann using the pen name Heinz Heger, which is often falsely attributed to Kohout. Kohout's book inspired the 1979 play “Bent,” by Martin Sherman, which was made into the movie “Bent,” directed by Sean Mathias, in 1997. Kohout died in Vienna, and certain items of his possessions were donated by his partner to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. They included Kohout's journals from the camp, a number of letters sent by his parents that never reached him while he was imprisoned, and the cloth strip with the pink triangle and his prisoner number that he had been forced to wear. It was the first pink triangle belonging to an identifiable individual that was collected by a museum. He is buried at Friedhof Baumgarten (Waidhausenstraße 52, 1140 Wien).

Queer Places, Vol. 3.2: Retracing the Steps of LGBTQ people around the World
ISBN-13: 978-1544068435 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
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