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The Nameless God by Emily Veinglory

In a fantasy medieval world, Fisk is a simple peasant, but all of sudden, without him knowing why, a nameless God chooses him as vessels for his messages. The God starts using Fisk as his prophet, but with every vision, Fisk loses part of his body strenght, becoming almost crippled. To help Fisk in his duty, the God makes he meets Levin: Levin is a Protector Knight, an order which is devoted to protect for life the people they are assigned to. Levin's master, one of the men blessed by one of Fisk's vision, assigns Levin to Fisk: Levin's duty is not only to protect Fisk, but also to look after every his needs, included his physical desires. At first Fisk is almost embarrassed by Levin's attention, above all since he is a man that till now has avoided every sinful urges of his body, but then the God says to stop fighting, both Him than Levin.

The world Emily Veinglory recreates is very interesting, a form of feudal government where every small town is an independent keep. Above all them, Gods order people around, but not with an agreement between them: every God acts like an independent sire, and envy and little friction led their actions, and when a God is displeased, the consequences are tremendous.

Fisk reminds me a bit of the old saints of Christian's history, men like S. Francesco or S. Antonio, born in wealth but who chose to be poorer among the poor; the only difference is that Fisk is already poor, but he chooses not to improve his status thanks to the vision's gift. He is an humble man, and he underestimates himself. He believes Levin to be the important man in the story, and instead even Levin in the big design of God will not be able to see the right thing to do, only Fisk will be able to do that.

As often in Emily Veinglory's stories, sex is not the main event in the story, but this time sex is a bit more erotic and "clear" than in other books I read by the same author. In the previous books, the erotic encounters often are disguised in a bigger reason than the mere sexual act (Father's of Dragon, Wolfkin...): they are tools to reach a scope. In this case, Fisk and Levin make love for the pleasure, and they steal their time in spite of the God's will; there is also a time in which Fisk thinks, more or less, "at least I have this".


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