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2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Country Jeff Mann

1) This is a gritty tale of love. It’s not the typical "boy meets boy, boy likes boy, boy chases boy, and both boys fall in love with each other" story. Mann weaves a tough tale of two different people. Brice is a unlkeable character in moments, and Brice unknowingly seeks approval and forgiveness when he returns back to his small town where he is not looked upon favorably. Maybe he seeks a new break in life. That’s at least the gist of why he returned to a place still homophobic. While there he meets the person, Lucas, who changes his course in life. Fairly erotic; not the typical HEA story, but it has teeth. 

Country Jeff Mann
Gay - Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lethe Press (September 3, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590212401
ISBN-13: 978-1590212400
Amazon: Country Jeff Mann

Brice Brown sings about loyalty and broken hearts, the earnestness of being a proud Southerner, yet his popular country music lyrics are misdirection because Brice has kept hidden his attraction to men for all his life. But when a former lover--and band member--goes to the press with the truth, Brice finds himself sick of all the lies and returning to the sanctuary of his West Virginian hometown. The neighbors who used to be proud of the local boy made good now turn on him. His record label cancels contracts, his wife files for divorce, and he finds himself disgraced and despondent.

But then Brice learns from a fan that there is a compound in central West Virginia run by a man who has helped troubled gay youth overcome their self-loathing. Brice takes a chance at redemption at the forest retreat. There he meets Lucas, the handyman at the compound, who simmers with resentment at his past, angry at how he sees his future will be. While Brice thinks that Lucas is attracted to him both men are suffering. Can they rise above the condemnations the world has given them and find something meaningful...together?

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