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2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Angel Martinez Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists

1) I very much enjoyed how utterly smooth this book was. The characters were established and differentiated from each other very quickly, and with the engaging voice of our narrator Taro, it was a lovely ride through the journey of a young person trying (however belatedly in Taro's mind) to find out who and what he is. More importantly, who and what he is WITHOUT casting himself against the frame of someone else. The various different settings were dynamic and evocative, the side characters only added to the story, and the mystery was delightful: a little bit of ghostliness, a little bit of whimsy, all enjoyable. And then Jack comes along, and has this hilarious, self-effacing, almost klutzy personality (and by klutzy, I mean with his emotional state much more so than physically, though that element is present as well) that is funny, heartwrenching/warming, and never too much. You're rooting for the two of them right from the get-go. But what impressed me most was the way dialogue was used to explain Taro's asexuality. This part of the book could easily have become preachy or unnatural-sounding as delivered in spoken conversation. It never did. Everything was in character. Everything flowed perfectly. Everything made sense as a conversation, as well as a series of self-realizations for both characters, and that is an extremely tricky juggling act... as well as an amazing skill in a writer. I immediately recommended the book to a friend, and I find myself smiling fondly about it days after finishing it. Well done!

Angel Martinez Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists
Asexual - Paranormal Romance
Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books; First edition (December 30, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1540755878
ISBN-13: 978-1540755872
Amazon: Angel Martinez Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists

A poltergeist haunts Taro, dogging his international travels. It washes glasses, puts dishes away, and even dusts. At least he hopes it's a cleaning-obsessed poltergeist and not his own anxieties burbling over into neat freak fits he doesn't remember. When his property manager suggests he call paranormal expert, Jack Montrose, Taro's skeptical but desperate enough to try even a ghost hunter.

Jack's arrival crushes Taro's hopes of a dashing Van Helsing-style hero. Instead of an invincible hunter, he gets Ichabod Crane. As the paranormal puzzles multiply and Jack begins to suggest the entity might not be a ghostly one, Taro adds a budding friendship with Jack to his pile of anxieties. It's a race to see whether Taro's poltergeist or his relationship with the obviously-not-ace Jack will reach maximum strangeness first.

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