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William II of the Netherlands (December 6, 1792 - March 17, 1849)

William II (Willem Frederik George Lodewijk, anglicized as William Frederick George Louis; 6 December 1792 – 17 March 1849) was King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Duke of Limburg. William II had a string of relationships with both men and women which led him to be blackmailed. The homosexual relationships that William II had as crown prince and as king were reported by journalist Eillert Meeter. The king surrounded himself with male servants whom he could not dismiss because of his 'abominable motive' for hiring them in the first place.

Timeline & Places:
• December 6, 1792: born
• 1800s: attended University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 2JD, Regno Unito
• March 17, 1849: died. Buried at Nieuwe Kerk, Markt 80, 2611 GW Delft, Paesi Bassi
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