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2017 Rainbow Awards Best Cover

And the Rainbow Award goes to...


1) Peter Darling - Cover Artis: Natasha Show - Author: Austin Chant

2) Skythane - Cover Artis: Anne Cain - Author: J. Scott Coatsworth

3) An Island in the Stars - Cover Artis: Anna Tiferet Sikorska - Author: Susan Laine

Runners Ups:

4) One Bullet - Cover Artis: Natasha Show - Author: Casey Wolfe

5) Five Minutes Longer (Enhanced #1) - Cover Artis: AngstyG - Author: Victoria Sue

6) Witches of London: Eagle’s Shadow - Cover Artis: Anna Tiferet Sikorska - Author: Aleksandr Voinov & Jordan Taylor

7) The Heart of the Lost Star (Tales of the High Court #3) - Cover Artis: John Coulthart - Author: Megan Derr

8-tie) Wolf of the Northern Star (The Wolfkin Saga #2) - Cover Artis: Kellie Dennis - Author: S.J. Himes

Death Dancer (Dangerous Dancers #2) - Cover Artis: Posh Gosh - Author: Tara Lain

9) Sink or Swim: The Search for Aveline - Cover Artis: Natasha Show - Author: Angie Bee & Stephanie Rabig

10) Adrift (Staying Afloat #1) - Cover Artis: Natasha Show - Author: Isabelle Adler

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