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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Congressman's Whore by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid

The Congressman's Whore: A Marriage of Convenience

"I enjoyed this book very much. It was angsty and full of drama and intrigue. Had good flow. The characters were realistic and relatable. Great storyline."

Congressman Upton Bennett isn't looking to be anyone's slave, but there are sides to himself he's never explored. When he hears about mysterious sex worker Zane Sawyer—a man who specializes in administering discipline to his clients—Upton can't resist the urge to reach out.

Sloan McInnis—better known in key D.C. circles as Zane Sawyer—is just a Georgetown student trying to parlay his charm and linguistic skills into a career as a lobbyist. His sex work pays tuition, but it doesn't define him... At least, it doesn't until the day a reporter catches him leaving Upton Bennett's hotel room.

Outed as a whore to the Washington elite, Sloan's life isn't worth a dime. His influential Johns want him permanently hushed up, except for one. Powerful fixer Candace Bennett—Upton's mother—has an idea to save Sloan and her son's reputation with a simple lie: It wasn't prostitution; they're in love.

Soon a wedding is planned, one that will ensure Sloan's untouchable and Upton's re-electable. But what will marriage mean for two men who barely know each other? And will Sloan ever become more than a congressman's whore?

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