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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Something To Celebrate by Evelyn Benvie

Something to Celebrate: Escape from the Holidays

"This book…you could almost taste the wind, the spirits, feel the intense loneliness of Niko and Fan, as they deal separately and together of what it means to be together and yet true to their own sense of self. The fact that Niko is Demiand Fan is a winter spirit added to the magic in this book, and actually have a HEA of which I approve."

Niko doesn’t hate the holidays; that would require too much commitment. He just doesn’t care about them anymore. He’s a demi, disillusioned mess and he doesn’t care about much at all. That is, until an enticing stranger blows into his life this Christmas and catches his attention—and his heart.

Fan is lost and lonely, a winter spirit adrift in a human world that has all but forgotten them. And then they meet Niko, a young man with the ability to see them, and they remember what it means to stay somewhere. To want someone.

Chance brings them together. But is chance enough to build a relationship on?

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Tags: rainbow awards 2018-2019

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