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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Clutch by E. Davies

Clutch (Significant Brothers Book 5)

"E. Davies has a wonderful way with taut, exciting descriptions—particularly of the car races (something I hadn’t known anything about before—but found fascinating). This book is the fifth in a found-family “band of brothers” series, and the interactions with the other couples made me want to go out and start reading the series from the beginning!"

Cocky racing driver Tyler Joseph is sidelined after one risk too many. After being at the center of a fiery crash, he's forced to rest and recover at his best friend's farmhouse or he'll miss the rest of the season. Tyler does what he wants, though, and what he wants right now is the hot, sexy little physical therapist whose hands only touch him where it hurts.

Alec Lands is a sucker for a pretty face, and Tyler's too much temptation to bear. He's promised himself he'll stop dating trouble, but Tyler is flirty, dirty, and stubborn as hell. He can't resist, even though it could end both their careers.

What was supposed to be a one-time thing leads to more. They can't stop. No matter how hard they try, they can't shake this chemistry that pulls them together, and the longer it goes, the worse the consequences of discovery. Tyler's career and Alec's family are as homophobic as each other, and every risk they take could end them forever... but Alec wants to keep up with Tyler's fast-paced life, and Tyler is tired of leaving men in the dust. Can they both resist hitting the brakes on their maybe-forever when it turns out that old habits die hard?

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