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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Tremble by E. Davies

Tremble (Significant Brothers Book 6)

"I absolutely loved this book! It was engaging from the start and I connected with each MC. The story flowed and was flawless. It was effortless to read and I enjoy not having to work at understanding the book. The descriptions of the setting were done beautifully and I could picture in my mind perfectly. The story was angsty and the characters somewhat broken but they still hadn’t lost the hope of having their HEA."

The last place Evan Vincent expected to be dumped was at his engagement shoot… in a dude ranch in Tennessee. Four years of working for his ex for free and standing in his shadow leave Evan reeling with the sudden freedom. Escaping here and working for the ranch owner for a few months could give Evan a chance to regroup… and rebound. That can’t be a bad idea, can it?

Running a dude ranch takes up all of Josh King’s time and energy. He escaped the place briefly before his dad died and left it to him—along with the memories and the guilt. Even his best friends don’t know the skeletons in his closet. Josh isn’t going to risk his heart when all Evan wants is a good time, doesn’t he?

They don’t know if they’re fighting to turn a rebound into more, or to keep it from becoming more. Both seem equally scary for two men with trembling hands and aching hearts, but there’s no denying that they go together like mac and cheese. And maybe—just maybe—this sudden passion is exactly what they were both missing. Is this the best timing ever, or the worst timing ever?

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