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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Like Flesh Covers Bone by Jan Steckel

Like Flesh Covers Bone

"This was an excellent collection of poetry. Each theme was explored through several kinds of styles and feelings. Emotions ranged from heartfelt to somber to angry, among others—and all of the poems thoughtful and invoked great imagery. The poems were witty and insightful. The collection was thoughtful and critical of the current dilemmas we face."

"Poetry is sometimes hard to judge—you either get it or you don’t. Some of these were very dark, but I can honestly say I liked them."

"Overall, I thought her poetry strong and dynamic. Her words build on current events and deep social issues. It wasn’t a fluffy read but felt very relevant to things happening now and made me think that this author is a warrior with words."

"Steckel is brilliant.  Not all the poems have the same power, but those that do really dazzle."

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Tags: rainbow awards 2018-2019

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