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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: An Ocean Between Them by Cheryl Espinosa-Jones

An Ocean Between Them

"This was a truly well written book. Watching the character growth, I truly connected into and identified with the struggles from both main characters. What bumped it to a 10 for me was actually a small moment. Sal stops her thoughts, recalls her therapy work, and rewrites her internal monologue. That level of thought, of attention to detail, put these characters and the depths shown in their development on a whole other level for me. The plot was well planned and executed, though there were moments where things were a little predictable. The settings were well described, though I had to go back and check where they were, getting a little lost in the locations. The only criticism I’d have is the perspective switch. I wish the headers explained time as well as who we were following. It took me a minute to realize we’d jumped into the past with Chloe’a sections. It is however something one can guess and so I didn’t dock much for it. Honestly, this book was hard for me. I lost my co-parent last year and I wasn’t sure if I could handle a book on this topic, especially as I face the anniversary of her death. The fact that I connected so solidly with it, as someone going through grief, speaks to the caliber of writing."

Chloe and her mom Sal haven’t spoken since Chloe came out as a lesbian ten years ago. But Chloe’s cancer diagnosis forces Sal to re-evaluate her decision and ask Chloe if they can repair what has been broken. Can Chloe forgive her? Can she trust Sal with her precious family, wife Rhonda and kids Quin and Ari? She has to try.

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