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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Lies of Omission by Elena Graf

Lies of Omission (Passing Rites Book 3)

"The writer captured the tone of the between-the-world-wars-era aristocratic Germany perfectly. The characters were complex and nuanced, and their story arcs compellingly told."

"I was engrossed from the very start about what happens with relationships during WWII--weather it be interpersonal or work related, with Margarithe. Wonderfully rich storytelling had me wanting for more, and I could hardly wait to start the next book in the series."

In 1938, Margarethe von Stahle is desperately trying to practice ethical medicine despite the Nazi policy of “racial hygiene” forcing doctors to collaborate in the extermination of the handicapped and mentally ill. She has always avoided politics, but now she must decide whether to remain on the sidelines or to act on her convictions. At the same time, she is struggling to hold her family together, despite intrigue, secrecy, and an unforgivable indiscretion. The people she holds most dear are conspiring against her for their own ends. Neither of Margarethe’s children are playing to script, frustrating her hopes for the future of the House of Langenberg-Edelheim. Perhaps the only solution is to face the truth…or tell more lies of omission.

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