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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Fight by Kelly Wyre


"Good characters. Good plotting. Nice solid transformations at the end. Very satisfying. And really good sex writing, too."

"On the face of it, this book was a spate of clichés. There was the repressed closet case, the golden-hearted thug, the benevolent father figure, the scheming fiancée, the amazon warrior sister, there were drugs, abuse, violence, shady pasts and even shadier characters, explosions, fire, blood and death. And yet, all this worked together to make a compelling whole,  due in no small part to the wonderful depiction of characters. None of them was cardboard, each had layers and depths that were a joy to discover. Add to that the main character's incredible growth to finding their true selves and a writing style that, while redundant at times, really appealed to me, and this was a win for me. "

To Nathan Hunt, honesty is anything but the best policy. Telling the truth has gotten him nothing but heartache and pain, so lying about who he is and what he wants seems to be the only path to job security and friends. Hell, it even brings him a hollow kind of happiness. Except that's not much of a life for anyone. Desperate to cure his self-made misery, Nathan agrees to go along with a con that will score enough cash for Nathan to start over. There's just one problem: lying is getting harder by the day. And a con who can't lie, is a con who gets caught. Nathan's attempts to distract himself from his moral quandary lead him to a mysterious, intoxicating man named Fury, a mixed martial arts fighter knows a thing or two about lies and pasts better left buried. Together, they undertake a journey that proves honesty is more dangerous and more difficult than either of them could have imagined. And as they combat addiction, thugs, guns, and inner demons, Nathan and Fury can only hope that their battle to be together will be worth the bitter fight.

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