elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Mucklucked by James Brock


"I like this book a lot. Great setting, wonderful nature writing by someone in the know OR a great researcher. The character are fun & interesting, especially the lead scarred beauty. I will give this full marks. More like this one, please."

Alaska! The great land and final frontier.

For Kodiak DePaul the move from his homestead home in the wild to the city was like going from Midtown Manhattan to Mars, nothing in the new environment was easy.

After tragedy strikes the young homesteader runs back to the north, where a deadly intruder stalks him in what he thinks is his only safe spot.

Mucklucked, a fast paced romantic adventure set against a backdrop of the rugged Alaskan wilderness.

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Tags: rainbow awards 2018-2019
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