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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Ghost in the Piano by Iza Moreau

Ghost in the Piano (Elodie Fontaine Mysteries Book 2)

"I enjoyed this second entry into the Elodie Fontaine Mysteries. I had the chance to read the first book before this one, which made for some nice continuity of character and story-line. The narrative voice in this book is smooth and lyrical, the style engaging, and the pacing and incorporation of the main plot and the side plots is organic and managed well. The focus rests squarely on the mysteries of the hour rather than the romances, with just enough of a nod in the other direction to weave it all together into a fun mystery with a little romance in the Big Easy. I very much enjoyed the setting, the old house especially, and the introduction of Elodie’s grandparents, who aren’t as bad as she fears they will be. A pleasant and heartwarming story about different kinds of families!"

"I really enjoyed this story and hearing about all of their lives, even about the people from the past. It is definitely a series I think I’ll have to go back and read book 1, and then buy the rest of the series… "

The second book in the Elodie Fontaine Mystery Series finds Elodie visiting her Creole grandparents in New Orleans, where the last thing she expects to find is a mystery. It is Mardi Gras week, and Elodie, along with her friends Kelli and Margo, are enjoying the food, the sights, and the architecture of the wonderful city. And the music! In fact, Elodie has just found out that her great grandfather was a famous composer, although his scores have been lost for almost a century. But the good times stop rolling when a voodoo doll of Elodie is nailed to the front door of her grandparents’ home. When one of her friends narrowly escapes a masked attacker in a nearby park, Elodie knows she has to act. Who is doing these things, and why? And are they connected to the long-lost compositions of her eccentric ancestor? To find out, Elodie must decode a century-old message with the ghosts of both her great-grandfather and her mother looking severely over her shoulder.

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